07/26/2013 9:22AM

Del Mar Picks: July 27, 2013


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Consensus Totals Based on 5 points for First (7 for Best Bet), 2 for 2nd,1 for 3rd. Best Bet in Bold Type.

53-9(26)Rich WrobleMichael Hammersly

Lilly's PerfectLilly's PerfectLilly's PerfectLilly's Perfect15
1Romantic WishNight DanceInner GrooveInner Groove3
Skinny GenesInner GrooveRomantic WishRomantic Wish3

American PrideBourne HotAmerican PrideAmerican Pride10
2Little ShackBond HolderBond HolderBourne Hot6
Bond HolderLittle ShackBourne HotBond Holder5

Scary FastGlad's GalsU R My Candy GirlU R My Candy Girl9
3U R My Candy GirlScary FastJulio's GoldScary Fast7
Secret MemoKatey PieMaddog MaddieGlad's Gals5

DoinghardtimeagainWarren's VenedaDoinghardtimeagainDoinghardtimeagain13
4Sweet MariniSweet MariniSweet MariniWarren's Veneda6
Warren's VenedaDoinghardtimeagainZuzu's PetalsSweet Marini6

5Splendiferous MoonPatienceisavirtueAmulayTwitch7
Now HopeTwitchTwitchAmulay2

Magic DaddyCarrytheteamQuality PlanMagic Daddy8
6Quality PlanMagic DaddyPower PedQuality Plan8
Chief LionQuality PlanMagic DaddyCarrytheteam5

Tom's TributeTom's TributeSwift EagleTom's Tribute13
7Somethings UnusualMambo ManSomethings UnusualSwift Eagle5
American TankerMotown MenTom's TributeSomethings Unusual4

8Clubhouse RideClubhouse RideKettle CornClubhouse Ride5
LiaisonChief HavocClubhouse RideKettle Corn2

Mayan EyesBev's FinaleJudge CarrBev's Finale5
9Seven BridgesMystical MarkSalah ChampJudge Carr5
Life a RileySouth FloydCorsa Di CavalliMayan Eyes5

Winning RhythmTwisted PurposeWinning RhythmWinning Rhythm11
10Iconic SpiritTappingintherainTappingintherainTwisted Purpose5
Lake MaracaiboWinning RhythmWoodys WharfTappingintherain4