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Q: How do I print PDFs such as the Sibling Summary Report, Moss Pace Figures and QuickSheets?
A: The PDFs now load into the Formulator app itself instead of kicking you out to a new browser window. Each browser has its own native printing function that you can use for printing. Q: Why can’t I scroll down on the PDFs such as the Sibling Summary Report, Moss Pace Figures and QuickSheets?
A: You may have to click into the PDF content window before scrolling ability is activated.

Q: Why can’t I access QuickSheets for a race card?
A: We do not product QuickSheets for all tracks. Also, it is possible the QuickSheets for that card have not been produced yet, especially if you are looking at an “Early” version of a race card. We are working on graying out the QuickSheets option in the dropdown menu when the product is not available.

Q: Why can’t I save my Notes?
- Make sure that you have the “Show Notes” option activated on the “View” dropdown menu. If not, then your notes will not display within the Race Cards.
- You may have to reload the Past Performance for the notes to show up inline on the PP. Click on the “Past Performance” button on the main navigation or go back to the Cards menu and reload the card.

Q: What is the best way to use the new main navigation menu in Formulator?
A: We’ve made a great deal of changes in the global navigation to Formulator. You may be used to clicking “back” and “forward” on your browser to move back and forth between sections, but we strongly encourage you to instead make use of the main navigation buttons, particularly the new “Past Performances” button that will always take you back to the most current race you were viewing – as opposed to clicking “back” on your browser to return to the PP.

Q: Why is there no data displaying in the new Beyer Graphs?
- Sometimes the data does not load the first time you access a Beyer Graph. We are working on correcting this bug. In the meantime, try clicking on “Past Performances” on the left side of the main navigation menu and then coming back to the Beyer Graph.
- You may have it set to “Show none” by default in the Settings menu.

Q: I can’t make changes to the Settings menu because the Save button is too far down on the page?
A: We are working on adding a scroll bar so that everybody will be able to view the save button. In the meantime, please try to change your screen resolutionto a higher setting. That will make the menu smaller and possibly allow the Save button to display on your monitor.

Q: Why are there sections that do not fit on my screen, such as when the track names do not display on the Card Menu Selection?
A: If this occurs on the Card Menu Selection screen, try reloading the page and then the names of the tracks on the left should load.
We are working on a fix that will ensure the application works on all sizes of monitors.
In the meantime, please try to increase the screen resolution on your computer to a higher setting. That will allow more elements to fit on the page. You can still adjust the actuall Past Performances to any size you wish by using the Settings menu.

Q: Why can’t I use the scrolling on my mouse or touchpad (Mac) in the Card Menu Selection area?

- You may have to click somewhere in the card selection menu first before scrolling becomes active. This is especially the case with Internet Explorer browsers.
- The touchpad scrolling does not work on certain types of Mac operating systems and/or browsers on Macs. We are working to fix this.

Q: Why are some items grayed out on the main navigation?
A: With the new global navigation for Formulator, not all of the functions are always going to be available depending on where you are in the application. Always click on the “Past Performances” button on the left side of the main navigation menu to return to the PP view and all functions will become available again.

Q: Why can’t I print selected races from the conditions page?
A: Y ou can only print the entire race card or the conditions from the conditions page. To activate the options for printing one race or specified races, you have to be in the Past Performance view (just click on any race).

Q: How do I change cards?
A: Click on the "Cards" button on the top left side of your screen, just below the DRF Formulator logo and it will take you back to the main card selection menu. Note: If you are in tab viewing mode, the main card selection menu will always be one of your open tabs. Clicking on that tab will be your quickest path back to the menu.

Q: Where is the Print function located now?
A: "Print" is a dropdown menu on the top right side with a small printer icon. Select your option from the dropdown menu and click on the blue printer icon to create your customized PDF race card.

Q: How do I customize the PPs now that the "Options" menu is gone?
A: The "Options" menu is now called "View" and it is a dropdown on the right side of the PP itself. All of the same options are included.

Q: How do I access TicketMaker?
A: TicketMaker is the second link from the right on the very top right of your screen.

Q: What are the new features in the Formulator Web redesign?
A: See below for the most prominent changes and enhancements:
-- Tab navigation is now available to open multiple race cards quickly and navigate easily between them. Go to "Settings" and select "Open Card in New Tab" to activate this new feature.

-- Enhanced Beyer Graphs give you a visual comparison of how the horses in the field have cycled in and out of form. Access the Beyer Graphs from the main PP navigation "Charts and Graphs."

-- The new Jockey search allows you to find all the mounts on a race card for a specific jockey. Select a jockey from the dropdown menu and click on the search icon. Keep clicking on the search icon to find the jockey's next mount on the card. The search function also includes Horse and Trainer as it always has but is now easier to access and use directly from the main navigation of the PP.

-- Streamlined navigation reduces the number of clicks you need to get around to the different sections of Formulator. For example, clicking on "Past Performances" on the main nav will always take you back to the last PP you were viewing. All data reports and PDFs will now load smoothly into Formulator instead of opening a new tab or browser. Also, the race-by-race dropdown menu includes the available wagers for the entire card so that you don't have to click back to the Conditions page.

-- Print the entire race card directly from the Conditions page without having to click into a specific race.

-- Inline race charts in the PPs dating back five years, which is the same as "lifetime" for most active horses.

-- Unlimited Replays for all running lines in a PP

Q: How do I access Formulator on an iPad or Android tablet?
A: Simply go to from your tablet device and our tablet version of Formulator will open. Want to learn more? Click here

Q: How is the new card selection menu organized?
A: The Cards are now broken up into three columns: Today, Upcoming and Previous. The very first column will always represent today's race card for that track. Then as you scroll right  you will see Upcoming race cards in reverse chronological order (newest cards will show up first).

Q: Why can't I get the tabs function to work properly in Internet Explorer?
A: For IE browsers, go to Tools > Internet Options > Tabs-Settings and check the box that says "Let Internet Explorer decide how pop-ups should be open"

Q: On the main card selection menu, why can't I scroll down the page on Internet Explorer?
A: You have to click anywhere into the main card selection menu first to activate scrolling. We are working on a fix for this bug.

Q: On the main card selection menu, why can't I use two-touch scrolling on my Mac?
A: This is a known bug which we are working to fix quickly. In the meantime, you will have to use the browser's vertical scrolling bar on the right side to scroll down.

Q: Why am I having trouble printing while using Safari?
A: Safari's pop-up blocker tends to prevent the Formulator Web print window from opening up. To avoid this issue, turn off your Safari Pop-Up Blocker through the "Edit" menu. To see a screen shot, click here.

Q: Formulator Web is not working on my computer. Now what?
A: Formulator Web works on any browser that has a suitably updated version of Adobe's Flash Player plug-in installed (you must also have JavaScript enabled). Click here [[[]]] for a list of links to download Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in based on your operating system. If you have downloaded Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in, but are still not able to access Formulator Web, please email with a detailed explanation of your problem.

Q: Can I save racecards using Formulator Web?
A: Yes, you can save racecards as PDF documents using Formulator Web. By clicking “Print,” you can convert your racecard into a PDF document. As a PDF document, you can now print it or save it to your computer.

Q: How can I change the look and feel of the PPs?
A: Click on "Settings" on the top right of your screen. From there you can access the "Zoom" option and/or change the font sharpness or font thickness by clicking “Profile Settings” in the navigation bar and adjust the two sliders in that menu.

Q: Can I add notes to old race cards?
A: For any race card you've purchased/downloaded, you can go back and add notes to that day's charts. You can go back to Jan. 1 of the previous year to add notes to previously purchased race cards. You can also add Notes by accessing the Race Charts from specific races in the running lines of a horse or in the five-year Race Chart archive, available exclusively with your Formulator subscription.

Q: I am a databaser. How do I export data from Formulator Web?
A: Click on the Export Center on the very top navigation menu on the right.

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