A DRF Sports Pro subscription plan will give you the competitive edge in Sports Betting with all the data a true Pro might need


What's included

Latest Odds
Sports Betting Podcasts & Videos
Experts Betting Insights Articles
Key Injuries
Team Stats & Results
Game Simulator & Powerline for all matchups
Exclusive Betting Angles Based on Decades of Data
Exclusive Head-To-Head Betting Trends
Line Movements and Betting Percentages
Daily Tipsheets for NFL, CFB, NBA and CBB
Advantage of our premium Foxsheets information, including Game Estimator, Super Situations Power Trends, and Many more features

Exclusive Content

Matchup Details Left Card Premium


Start every day with a new Tipsheets for latest lines and trends:

  •  Updated daily throughout the season with the latest lines
  •  Forecaster for every game on the board
  •  Trends, Betting systems. Team stats, Series Stats & more!

Rich Details & Insights

We mine our massive sports database so you can handicap any game in minutes, including projected scores with EDGE plays and the most powerful trends for every matchup you will find anywhere.

Matchup Details Left Card Premium

Frequently Asked Questions

    What's included in the a DRF Sports Pro Subscription?

    A DRF Sports Pro subscription will give you everything you need to handicap any matchup on the Vegas board in minutes available on any device. You'll have complete access to our Matchup Details page for all of the major pro sports, with our Game Simulator, Powerline, EDGE indicators, Betting Trends, and more. You can also access our Daily TipSheets for NFL, CFB, NBA and CBB for a quick summary of our best angles and projected scores.

    What makes DRF Sports different?

    DRF is known as "The Horseplayer's Bible" for its dedication to accurate data and expert analysis that helps bettors win. DRF Sports is no different in our approach.

    DRF Sports uses proprietary queries that tap into our database of sports data that goes back to the 1990s. The Betting Trends you see here will not be available anywhere else. We also offer daily Betting Preview articles on the top games on the board, as well as sports betting videos and weekly sports betting podcasts with picks from our expert analysts.

    Sports betting has recently become legal in my state. Where can I learn more about how to bet on sports effectively?

    Check out our "How To Bet" guide for beginners for all of the basics and pro tips on how to bet each major sports league.

    Why should I bother to handicap pro sports games? I'd rather follow my gut instincts with sports.

    Following your "gut" or betting on your favorite teams is a fast way to lose your bankroll. Taking an objective look at every matchup based on data is what we do and it is the best way to win in the long run.

    What happens to my current subscription if I upgrade from a monthly to an annual plan?

    Your new annual plan will be tacked on to the end of your current monthly plan. So you'll get 1 year + whatever is remaining from the monthly plan.

    Will the subscriptions auto renew?

    Yes, the subscriptions are set to auto renew for your convenience. To turn it off, log into your account and go to your Member Center page here.

    Can I bet on horses with DRF?

    Yes, most U.S. residents are eligible to sign up for DRF Bets today and take advantage of our $250 deposit bonus. More details here.

    My state has not made sports betting legal yet. How else can I win money on sports?

    Residents of all states are eligible to play in our FREE game, DRF Cash Grab. Download the app on your iPhone or Android device and start playing today to win thousands in cash prizes. There is no cost to play. Click here for more details.

    How can I contact customer support for any questions?

    You can send an email to and put "DRF Sports" in the subject line please.