NFL Draft: All the Betting Angles you Need for the NFL Draft

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Sheldon: There's lots going on here in the world of betting as there's also a very popular thing going on on Thursday. Because it involves the NFL and we know that the NFL is king. So what is going on there with you my dude?

MattL: Yeah, and just to let people behind the curtain right? We try to do a NFL draft specific podcast, but it's like a game of Double Dutch man, like when to hop in and record something but like it's impossible to do, because you know, something happens seemingly every day to shift the equation here. So obviously, it starts with the first pick overall. It's this three month process that we're trying to grab value. And this has been a really fun draft to try to handicap doesn't mean it's necessarily going to be profitable. Hopefully that's the case. And hopefully you followed my stuff over at The Score, because that's been the sort of venue where I can populate, okay, two weeks ago, let's write about this. 10 days ago, let's write about that a week ago, blah, blah, blah.

Listen, I started writing about the draft back in January trying to analyze what are the Jags going to do. This was before they even had a head coach. We had the idea, okay, like they're gonna hire an offensive coach here who should then put a focus on drafting an offensive lineman for Trevor Lawrence. Like that would make a ton of sense to me. So what's happening here with the Jags is there's this internal struggle. And it's your guy, former 49ers General Manager, Trent Balkee. And Doug Pederson. and they are fighting.

Pederson wants an offensive lineman. Balkee? He obviously wants a defensive end. And so the issue was for me, and you know, call it experience, you know, there's no substitute for experience and just seeing this market. And when Hutchinson would never really creep higher than minus 300. Over the course of months and months, where we always see when it comes to the draft. The first pick ends up being two weeks, three weeks before, like minus 10,000. Right? And it just never sort of made sense. That okay, Aiden Hutchinson, clearly sort of the number one from a branding standpoint, the sort of top prospect. But if that's the case, then why isn't he minus 10,000? Why haven't the Jaguars been trumpeting this guy the whole time? And the answer was, and it was pretty clear as day to me, it was Hutchinson is the most marketable guy. And if you wanted to trade down, you wanted to talk I don't know Detroit, who's right behind you. Right, this you know, I think he's from like Dearborn, Michigan obviously went to University of Michigan, you're trying to sort of trick Detroit to move up one spot.

Like the Bears moving up to grab Mitch Trubisky a few years ago. 

Over the last weeks, Travon Walker, slowly moving up the odds board. This guy was not even on the radar for a number one pick overall back when I was writing about the draft in January, but you start to see him populating say, okay, he's 10-1 now. Okay, he's 5-1 now. Well, why would he move up like that? Right? The simple answer is, because the Jaguars like him, right? And the information while not rock solid, no one's coming out and saying anything. It's pretty clear that this horse is coming up on the outside here and Trayvon Walker. 

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