$100,000 Xpressbet Showdown Tournament

Showdown is a two-day handicapping tournament where you compete to earn the most money based on single, $20 Win wagers on one horse, in each of ten mandatory races, on each of two days (20 races, $400 wager total). The top 10 players earn cash prizes up to $20,000 and all players are eligible for up to $50,000 in Sweep Bonuses!

The tournament is held on April 11th & 12th, 2015. Registration is now open.


  • 1st - $20,000

  • 2nd - $10,000

  • 3rd - $5,000

  • 4th - $3,000

  • 5th through 10th - $2,000 each

  • Sweep the Card Bonus - Any player who correctly selects the winners in all 10 mandatory races on either tournament day will win a $10,000 cash bonus.

  • Sweep the Meet Bonus - Any player who correctly selects the winners in all 10 mandatory races on both tournament days will win an additional $30,000 cash bonus ($50,000 total).

How To Play

  • You must register to play.

    • Qualified Players: The top 30 qualified players from Xpressbet’s Beat the Host Championship Round and the top 30 qualifiers from Xpressbet LIVE will automatically be registered for Showdown with no fee. Players may qualify for up to two complimentary entries.

    • Non-Qualified Players: Non-qualified players must register with a $500 registration fee per-entry — deducted from the player’s wagering account. The registration fee is non-refundable.

  • Each Xpressbet or DRF Bets account holder may register for up to two entries ($1,000 total).

  • The maximum number of entries in any combination (tournament qualifications and paid registrations) is two.

  • Showdown registration is open to DRF Bets and Xpressbet account holders in good standing.

  • Players must make all 10 mandatory wagers each day to win any prize (20 wagers total).

  • Mandatory races will be posted on

  • Player results are ranked according to total mutuel payoffs, and prizes are awarded to the highest ranked players, as described below:

  • Ties:

    • In the event of a tie for any cash prize, the prize for the tied position and the prize for the next position(s) will be split evenly among the tied players.

    • All decisions are final.

Things You Should Know

  • Contest wagers must be submitted via the Contest Wager Pad or the Mobile Contest Wager Pad only. No phone wagers.

  • Scratched horses count as zero in the competition. If a player has submitted a Contest Wager on a scratched horse, the player may submit a second single $20 Win wager on another horse in the race after the scratch has been processed. Once the scratch has been processed, the Contest Wager will automatically be cancelled and refunded. DO NOT CANCEL ANY CONTEST WAGERS. This will result in disqualification.

  • Mutuel payoffs are capped at 20-1 ($420) for contest scoring purposes.

  • Players’ wagering accounts will be credited with winnings for all competition wagers and debited for all losing wagers.

Official Rules


Mandatory Races

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