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DRF Bets TicketMaker is a handicapping tool that helps you make smarter multi-race wagers using betting strategies developed by Steven Crist.

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NOTE: Bet Now buttons will not appear if the tote is not open

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How to use DRF Bets TicketMaker for multi-leg Tickets
How to place multi-leg wagers through DRF Bets TicketMaker
How to use the "Win" tool
How to place wagers with the "Win" tool

How to use DRF Bets TicketMaker for multi-leg tickets:

The following is a series of step-by-step instructions to help you use this handicapping tool.

The purpose of TicketMaker is not to help you select horses. Rather, TicketMaker was designed to help you construct better multi-race tickets based on your selections. For example, a standard 4x4x4x4 Pick 4 ticket would require 256 combinations, all weighted equally. With a $1 base bet, this would cost $256.

But by using TicketMaker and the algorithms created by Steven Crist, you can get smarter and more creative combinations, stretching your dollar by weighting it towards horses you feel strongest about.

Using TicketMaker

When accessing DRF TicketMaker in DRF Formulator, choose a track and date from the main Formulator homepage, select “TicketMaker” from the navigation menu in Formulator. Select the track and date for your wager, and click “Create New Ticket.”

Outside of DRF Formulator, you can access DRF TicketMaker under DRF Bets in the navigation bar, or click here.

NOTE – From this page you will also have the opportunity to open previously created and saved TicketMaker tickets. To do this, select "Open Saved Ticket" and choose the previous ticket you'd like to view.

Step 1: Wager Details

Fill out the following fields to begin constructing your ticket:

Type of Wager

Pick 3
Pick 4
Pick 5
Pick 6
Win (see below)

Starting With Race

Select the race number which begins your wager.

Base Bet

Set the base bet for your wager. You can set this amount to any denomination.

This will represent the wager amount of each individual bet in your tickets, and can be altered later to weight selected ticket combinations (see "Emphasize" below).


Enter the total amount you want to spend on this wager. TicketMaker will use this amount when constructing your tickets.

*Note: By default, your wager will be set to a Pick 3, starting with whichever race you are currently handicapping in Formulator. The base bet will be $0 and the budget will be $0. You can change this each time you construct a ticket in TicketMaker, or you can go to “My Profile” in the Formulator Navigation bar and set your TicketMaker defaults from the TicketMaker tab.

Step 2: Categorize Horses

Begin by designating all horses in each race as an A, B, C or X Selection. Here are Steven Crist's brief descriptions of how he views these categories:
A – Primary contender(s) and top selections, or slightly less likely winners who you think will be extreme overlays.
B – Reasonable contender(s) who will keep you alive with other A's and B's but not with C horses.
C – Marginal or unlikely winners you can't entirely eliminate but whose winning would force you to get home A's in all other races.
X – Horses who you are completely eliminating.
ALL – Select all entries in this race

To categorize a horse, simply drag and drop the horse’s number in the category of your choice. To "Drag and Drop" a horse, use your mouse to click on the horse's number from the X category. While holding down your left-click button, drag your mouse to the appropriate category and release the left-click button. This will insert the horse into the category you have chosen for him. To move all entries in a race into one category, drag the “All” button into the category of your choice.

By moving horses into these categories, you’re telling TicketMaker which horses you want to use in your wagers (by leaving a horse in the “X” category, he will remain off all of your tickets).
Once horses have been moved throughout the categories, TicketMaker will construct tickets that cover the following bet types:

All A Entries – You are covered for any combination of your A horses.
A’s with One B – You are covered as long as all of your A horses win, with the exception of one race, in which one of your B horses must win. It does not matter which leg is won by your B horse. TicketMaker will construct tickets that will cover you as long as your A's and one B win every race.
A’s with Two B’s – You are covered as long as all of your A horses win, with the exception of two races, in which two of your B horses must win. It does not matter which legs are won by your B horses. TicketMaker will construct tickets that will cover you as long as your A's and two B’s win every race.
A’s with One C – You are covered as long as all of your A horses win, with the exception of one race, in which one of your C horses must win. It does not matter which leg is won by your C horse. TicketMaker will construct tickets that will cover you as long as your A's and one C win every race.

You’ll notice that as soon as you begin adding horses to categories in the final leg, TicketMaker will begin constructing tickets. When you finish constructing your tickets, check to see if the “Total” (located in the bottom right of the TicketMaker window) is close to your budget.

If the total is above your budget:

Besides returning to Step 1 and increasing your budget, you have several options if your total exceeds your budget.

One option would be to re-categorize horses. For example, moving just one horse from an "A" to a "B" can significantly reduce the cost of your ticket. Granted, you will not have that particular horse in as many combinations, but this is one way to reduce your total ticket cost.

Another option would be to de-select certain “Bet Types.” For example, removing all the tickets that cover you if "A’s with two B’s" win would reduce your total number of tickets.

You can de-select this bet type by un-checking the appropriate “Bet Type” box.

If the total is below your budget:

TicketMaker will automatically try to increase your “$ per bet” if your ticket total is less than your budget. To put even more emphasis on certain tickets, use the “emphasize” function.

For example, if your “All A Entries” ticket costs $16 with a base bet of $1, and you want to bet these tickets for $2 each, select the “Emphasize – x2” button to make these $2 bets (for a total of $32). Note - Hitting the emphasize button could potentially cause the TicketMaker total to exceed your budget.

Placing your bets:

Once you are satisfied with your tickets and the total cost of the wager, click “Bet Now” to place your wagers through DRF Bets. After a few seconds of processing, you will get a confirmation screen showing your successful bets. Any errors that occur will also be shown here.

Printing your tickets:

If you don't want to place your wagers through DRF Bets, you can click “Print” to view an easy-to-read PDF with all of your ticket combinations (see a sample). The “Verbal Description” even tells you exactly what to say to a mutuel clerk in order to make your bets.

Tracking Performance:

The final page of the TicketMaker screen is the “Tracking Performance” section. Here, you can enter the winning horse numbers in each leg of your wager and TicketMaker will give you an update on the number of live tickets you have remaining.

How to place multi-leg wagers through TicketMaker

If you've never used TicketMaker before, read this first.

After constructing Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 or Pick 6 in TicketMaker, you will see a green "Bet Now" button appear in the bottom right corner of the TicketMaker window. Click this button and login to your DRF Bets account, then confirm your wagers to place your tickets through DRF Bets. TicketMaker will submit your tickets and will show you a confirmation page, where you will see all of your successful tickets. Any unsuccessful wagers will appear with an error message. You can also view these wagers in the "My Wagers" area of DRF Bets.

TicketMaker will allow you to construct tickets without verifying the wagering menu. For example, if you try to construct a Pick 4 for Belmont beginning with race 2, and Belmont does not offer this bet, TicketMaker will allow you to construct the ticket. But when you click "Bet Now," the bets will not be processed and you will see an error message. Please consult the wagering menu before constructing tickets.

TicketMaker will default to a "Pick 3." If you click TicketMaker from the final two races of any racecard in Formulator, TicketMaker will default to "Win" (since there cannot possibly be Pick 3 wagering beginning with the final two races of a card).

If one of your horses is scratched, tickets containing that horse will not be submitted and you will see an error message informing you of this failed ticket.

How to use the TicketMaker Win Tool

The TicketMaker Win Tool is designed to help you find the best betting value when placing a "win" bet by weighing your handicapping opinions against the live odds of the horses. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Select "Win" from the drop down menu, and select the race.

Step 2: Using your mouse, drag the horses you're interested in into the "Selections" box. You can drag as many horses as you like.

Step 3: Rate each of your horses using the dropdown menus that appear next to their names. You can select a pre-determined rating, or give each horse your own percentage chance of winning. The total for your horses' chances must not exceed 100%. The percentage chances of winning for the pre-determined options are:

Feels like a sure thing - 70% chance of winning
Looks like the one - 50%
One of the top contenders - 30%
A longshot who can do it - 10%
Let me set my win percentage - 1-100%

Step 4: Press "GO" and TickerMaker will calculate the best Win wager based on your handicapping and each horse's morning line or current odds.

How to place wagers with the Win Tool

Before placing a wager, note that you can change the default Win amount to whatever you would like. TicketMaker will instantly recalculate the payout.

Once you are satisfied with your wager, click "Bet Now" and TicketMaker will place your wager through your DRF Bets account.

If you are using TicketMaker with less than 30 minutes to post, Live Odds will be used rather than Morning Line Odds. To refresh the Live Odds and make sure they are up to date, click "Update Live Odds."

If you have any additional questions, please email