DRF Bets Terms

DRF Bets is available to US residents only, except residents of the following states: Alaska, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

Account holders must be 18 years of age to open a DRF Bets account.

Residents in Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Washington must be 21 years of age.

Open to new DRF Bets account sign-ups only. Current XpressBet account holders do not qualify for bonus.

To qualify for the full $500 bonus, new account holders must do the following:

1- Wager $250 within the first 30 days of sign-up to receive first $125 wagering credit

2- Wager $250 within the second 30-day period after sign-up (day 31 to 60) to receive second $125 wagering credit

3- Wager $250 within the third 30-day period after sign-up (day 61 to 90) to receive third $125 wagering credit

4- Wager $250 within the fourth 30-day period after sign-up (day 91 to 120) to receive fourth $125 wagering credit

If you skip a wagering period, you may not earn any additional wagering credits (i.e. if you wager $250 in the first 30-day period but do not wager $250 in the second 30-day period, you cannot earn additional $125 bonuses in the third 30-day period or the fourth 30-day period, even if you wager $250 or more during those periods).

Member may earn free NHC tour membership by successfully opening a new DRF Bets account and placing a wager of any amount in the first 30 days. Free tour membership will be granted manually. A DRF Bets representative will reach out via email after meeting the requirements to award the free membership.

Offer expires 3/31/15. Customer has 30 days to use wagering credits each time they are issued. Unused credits will be withdrawn after 30 days. Wagering credits cannot be withdrawn by customer. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion. Once you select a promotion by using a promo code upon sign-up, you may not switch to a different promotional/bonus offer. Free video and replays are subject to usage limits.