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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is DRF Bets?

DRF Bets is a service which allows DRF.com members to bet at DRF.com using the XpressBet® wagering platform. DRF Bets account holders can watch and wager on an extensive menu of Thoroughbred, Harness and Quarter Horse races online and by phone. DRF Bets, powered by XpressBet®, is secure, legal, licensed and US-based. The XpressBet® legal entity, XpressBet, LLC is responsible for obtaining all licensing, maintaining compliance and contracting. In addition all money transactions are handled through XpressBet, LLC. By opening an account through DRF Bets, account holders are ultimately opening an account with XpressBet, LLC.

What are DRF Bets' advantages?


  • Free live video and video replay
  • Fast enrollment system gets you wagering in minutes.
  • No monthly service fees or per-wager surcharges.
  • Funds can be deposited directly into your personal account by ACH, cash, credit card, debit card, certified and personal check, wire transfer or money order (some restrictions apply).
  • Funds can be withdrawn in a variety of ways.
  • Winnings are automatically credited to your account immediately following the race.
  • Secure wagering with full track-odds payouts.

What are DRF Bets' VIP Benefits?

Our VIP Rewards Program starts at just $12,000/year and includes a host of valuable benefits,
including additional bonus rewards points. Click here to see VIP levels.

Click here to see our rewards grid that shows all the rewards you'll earn at each level.

Is DRF Bets legal?

Yes, DRF Bets is a legal, US-based, advanced deposit account wagering provider. DRF Bets is licensed and regulated in many states. Money wagered through DRF Bets is co-mingled with track wagering pools. All wagers are safe and secure.

What are the requirements to open an account?

Individuals must be 21 years of age. DRF Bets is required by state racing commission regulations to request your Social Security Number to verify state of residence.

You cannot be a resident of the following states and territories: Alaska, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.

Pennsylvania residents located within 35 miles of Harrah's Chester Downs, Philadelphia Park, Penn National, Pocono Downs or Presque Isle are prohibited from opening DRF Bets accounts.

Canadian residents may not open accounts.

How do I open an account?

By phone: Call us at 1-877-408-1999 , Daily 10:30AM - 11:00PM eastern time. Or online by clicking here.

How long does it take to open an account?

You can open a DRF Bets account in minutes. You must deposit funds to your account before you can begin to wager and initial deposits must be a minimum of $25.00 in all states and jurisdictions.

Can I wager immediately?


Once you have deposited funds into your account you can begin wagering with DRF Bets.


How do I deposit money into my DRF Bets account?


You can deposit money into your DRF Bets account in several ways:

DRF Bets accepts the following types of deposits:

  • XpressFund (Electronic Funds Transfer or ACH)
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Check/money order
  • Wire transfer

 Funding options in detail:

  • XpressFund, your most economical method
    Transfer funds between your checking account and your DRF Bets wagering account instantly and free of any fees or charges.
  • Credit / Debit Card
    Enter your credit card online and store information for up to five cards. The deposit limit for non-authorized credit cards is $500.00 per week. You can be wagering in just a few minutes by funding your wagering account with your credit / debit card. There is a 3.98% processing fee for the amount deposited, and your credit card company may issue additional charges.
  • Wire Money
    You can wire money directly from your bank into your wagering account. Funds will be automatically deposited into your wagering account after they are received from your bank. There is no fee for wire transfers, however there is a minimum transfer amount of $250.00.
  • Change existing deposit information
    If you would like to change your credit card or checking account on file, then please choose to add a new credit card or new XpressFund account.


More FAQs >>

How do I withdraw money from my account?


Winnings are credited to your account immediately following a successful wager. You can withdraw these funds at any time. You can request withdrawals online or by phone.

Withdrawal method details: 

  • Online
    You may complete the form below and submit, and we will process and mail your withdrawal to you within 1 business day.
  • By Mail
    A check will be processed and mailed to the account address within 1 business day. (Regular mail or Fed Ex) (There may be an additional charge for overnight delivery)
  • By Telephone
    You may call us at at 1-877-408-1999, and by providing your account number and password, we will process and mail your withdrawal to you within 1 business day.


How do I place a wager with my DRF Bets account?


DRF Bets offers online and telephone wagering and you can use the same account for both. To wager online: Visit drf.com/bets and log in using your username, password and state of residence. By phone: Call 1-877-408-1999 and provide your account number and password or PIN number.


What types of wagers are available with DRF Bets?


DRF Bets offers most of the wagers available at the race track. This includes exotic wagers such as trifecta, superfecta, pick 3, pick 4, pick 5 and pick 6. Money wagered through DRF Bets is co-mingled with existing race track pools.


Does DRF Bets pay full odds on all winning wagers?


Yes. Since money wagered through DRF Bets accounts is co-mingled with existing racetrack pools, DRF Bets pays full track odds on all wagers accepted through the system.


How do I know transactions are secure?


Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) and/or passwords are the only ways for authorized subscribers to place wagers, reference information, and make deposits or withdrawals to DRF Bets accounts. DRF Bets is licensed and regulated in several states and is US-based.


How do I know my money is secure?


As required by the terms of our license with the Oregon Racing Commission, DRF Bets has ensured that account holder funds are properly held and maintained in a custody account at an FDIC insured bank (Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.). These funds are not used for any purpose except to facilitate the wagering activities and other instructions or agreements of account holders. Funds in the custody account shall remain the property of the account holders for all purposes until wagered by the account holder or otherwise withdrawn or used in accordance with the account holder's instruction or agreement.


Do I need to buy or download any special software to use DRF Bets?


No. There are no downloads or CDs required to use DRF Bets. Once you have opened an account just access the web site atdrf.com/bets and log in using your username, password and state of residence to begin wagering.


What are the hardware and software requirements to use DRF Bets?


DRF Bets is designed to provide speedy and efficient online wagering as well as clear, crisp streaming audio and video. The quality and speed of your computer as well as that of your network connection can affect performance.

DRF Bets will work with these minimum requirements:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Internet Explorer 7 and above or Firefox 3, Safari 3.1.2 or later, Chrome
  • MAC OS X on Safari 3.1.2 or later or Firefox 3


What tracks are available for wagering through DRF Bets?


DRF Bets offers an extensive menu of Thoroughbred, Harness and Quarter Horse races and tracks. You will find many of your favorite tracks available online and others offered by telephone only. Fair Grounds, Oaklawn, Churchill Downs, Arlington, Calder, and Kentucky Downs are currently the only North American Thoroughbred tracks unavailable on DRF Bets. We're working to resolve that and hope to have these tracks available soon.

See for a list available by state or by track »


What types of wager information are available through DRF Bets?


DRF Bets provides basic race information, including program information, scratches and changes, live odds and more. Past Performances with additional extensive and detailed handicapping information, plus picks, analysis, etc., is available for purchase through DRF.com.


How much does DRF Bets cost?


There are no fees to enjoy DRF Bets online and telephone services:

  • No Charge to Open an Account
  • No Charge for certain types of deposits
  • No Charge for certain methods of withdrawal
  • No per-wager surcharges
  • No membership fees
  • No charge for basic audio/video services
  • Some premium services such as FedEx delivery, credit card deposits, Platinum Live Teller wagers, etc. do carry additional charges.


Can I watch the races online with DRF Bets?


Yes. DRF Bets offers limited, no-fee, streaming audio and video of races from many tracks. Additional streaming video limits are based on wagering levels. The more you wager, the more video you can access.


Why are some tracks not available for wagering through DRF Bets?


DRF Bets offers wagering on over 120 US and international tracks. We would love to offer wagering and video for every track, but some are unavailable due to contractual restrictions.

Visit DRF Bets' Track Menu to see which tracks and states are currently available »

Visit Restrictions to review a list of restrictions by track and by state »


Where can I find a list of states where account wagering is available?

Is DRF Bets open to Pennsylvania residents?

Yes, depending on where you live. Under Pennsylvania State law, Pennsylvania residents may only open wagering accounts with licensed racetracks located within a certain distance of their homes. DRF Bets only opens wagering accounts for eligible Pennsylvania residents on behalf of the entities that own The Meadows harness racetrack in Washington, Pennsylvania. These account-opening and management functions are provided through a vendor services agreement between DRF Bets and The Meadows entities.

DRF Bets holds a vendor license issued by the Pennsylvania State Harness Racing Commission, which regulates all aspects of the services provided to The Meadows entities. All wagering instructions provided to live telephone tellers from Pennsylvania residents are handled by employees of The Meadows entities located at a call center within the racetrack enclosure of The Meadows, while all wagering instructions provided to live telephone tellers from non-Pennsylvania residents are handled by DRF Bets employees from DRF Bets' call center in Beaverton, Oregon.

To reduce confusion among Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania residents, DRF Bets has agreed to license the trademark "DRF Bets" to The Meadows entities.

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 as my browser and I can't log in to DRF Bets. What should I do?

Due to our enhanced security measures, users of Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Version 7.0 are required to update their SSL settings. This is a simple alteration. Click Here for easy instructions on how to update SSL settings on your computer.

I already have an XpressBet account. Can I still sign up for DRF Bets?


Yes - if you call Customer Service at 1-877-408-1999, you can transfer your XpressBet account to a DRF Bets account and wager through DRF.com. However, current XpressBets accounts are not eligible for the $100 sign up bonus.