04/07/2005 11:00PM

Youbet.com says it has responded to tracks


Youbet.com, the online horse race wagering company, has responded to complaints about its new rebating program from some racetracks by providing additional material about the program to the tracks, Youbet.com's chief executive officer, Charles Champion, said Friday.

"At this point right now, we've talked to about half a dozen tracks," Champion said. "They've asked for additional information, and we've provided it to them, and now we're waiting for their responses."

Several weeks ago, Youbet sent a promotional offer to 46 of its customers offering rebates on their wagering. Officials of several organizations, including Woodbine, the New York Racing Association, and Tampa Bay Downs, complained that Youbet had not informed them of the program.

According to the offer, Youbet's program would give rebates - cash awards based on wagering totals - of up to 11 percent.