04/24/2008 11:00PM

Youbet appoints Brodsky as CEO


Youbet.com Inc. has appointed its chairman, Michael Brodsky, as its new president and chief executive officer, replacing interim chief executive Gary Sproule, who is leaving the company, according to Youbet.

Brodksy was appointed to Youbet's board in June 2007, and was appointed chairman in February of this year. He is also the managing partner of New World Opportunity Partners, a public investment company, and was formerly the chief financial officer of Away.com, an on-line travel company.

Sproule was appointed chief executive after Youbet's former chief, Charles Champion, resigned late last year. Sproule was the former chief operating officer of Youbet.

Youbet operates one of the largest on-line horserace broadcasting and wagering platforms in the U.S.