03/25/2016 9:20AM

Wrona gets the call he's been waiting for

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Michael Wrona becomes only the fifth primary announcer in Santa Anita history.

ARCADIA, Calif. – Michael Wrona was driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles on Wednesday when a Santa Anita executive called to inform him that he had won the job as the track’s full-time announcer.

“I was pleased to be on a long, straight stretch of highway,” Wrona recalled on Thursday. “It was a bolt out of the blue.”

Wrona will officially begin full-time duties at Santa Anita when the spring-summer meeting starts May 5, but he has essentially taken over the job, which became available when Trevor Denman quit in December. Wrona and Frank Mirahmadi have alternated as track announcer since the winter-spring meeting began Dec. 26. On Thursday, Wrona began three weeks of calling the races through the end of the winter-spring meeting on April 10.

An hour before the first race Thursday, Wrona was attempting to go through his normal routine. Dressed in a coat and tie, he sat in the announcer’s booth, studying the afternoon’s eight races and becoming familiar with the runners. He admitted that the atmosphere felt charged.

“Everything will be different,” he said. “It’s still sinking in.”

Wrona said the phone call from the front office, six weeks before the start of the spring-summer meeting, caught him by surprise.

“I thought the decision would be made in April after the meet closed,” he said. “When I left the Bay Area, it was the farthest thing from my mind.”

A native of Queensland, Australia, Wrona came to the United States in 1990 to call the races at Hollywood Park. He has called races at venues as diverse as Retama Park in San Antonio and Arlington Park in Chicago, although he has worked at the Bay Area tracks – Golden Gate Fields and the defunct Bay Meadows – for much of the last 20 years. Wrona has been the caller at Golden Gate Fields for the last decade.

Wrona and Mirahmadi were among more than 35 announcers who applied to be Santa Anita’s full-time announcer. Wrona said he and Mirahmadi exchanged phone messages Wednesday after track officials relayed their decision.

“My heart aches for him,” Wrona said. “I’m well aware of the degree to which he coveted this position. We were both cast in an extraordinarily difficult circumstance.”

Aside from Wrona and Mirahmadi, two foreign announcers had two-day tryouts in February – Craig Evans, an Australian who calls in Singapore, and David Fitzgerald of England.

“This was a much harder decision than anyone could have imagined,” Joe Morris, the senior vice president at Santa Anita, said in a statement Thursday. “The finalists presented us with four incredible options, each a world-class announcer in his own right.

“It was an exceptionally close decision, but Michael just raised his game here at Santa Anita.”

Wrona turned 50 in February. He described this week’s announcement as a “nice belated birthday present.”

He said it was particularly gratifying because of the times he missed out on announcing jobs at other tracks.

“The opportunities at the top for me have been fleeting,” he said.

Santa Anita opened in 1934 and has had four primary announcers – Joe Hernandez, Chic Anderson, Dave Johnson, and Denman. Reminded that he is the next name on the list, Wrona blinked hard a few times.

“I want this to be the last job I have,” he said.

scott gardner More than 1 year ago
Michael, Congratulations! You are the right person for the job and am very pleased you were selected. Best wishes in the years ahead. Scott Gardner
Rob Eymann More than 1 year ago
congrats to wrona, very accurate race caller, he paid his dues!!
robert More than 1 year ago
Great decision. He's paid his dues, and is talented and entertaining. Now turn up the volume on the public address system! It will be a treat to hear Mr. Wrona at The Great Race Place.
Pat Lyons More than 1 year ago
My dad must roll over in grave ... Michael has improved greatly in the 20 years but glad to see he is stopping the entire finishing order ... frank so friend #worldFamousPatLyons style #patsRightDontFightIt
Jim Wark More than 1 year ago
Trevor is sorely missed. Wrona has an artistic spin to his race call not revealing his favortism for any horse in a race. I can't say that about Frank or many others. HOO ROO
Mike More than 1 year ago
A very disappointing decision. I always mute the TV when TVG switches to a race at GG as I can't stand his high-pitched voice. It will be very tough to listen to Wrona, possibly for years now, at the track I watch more than any other. Wrona is a competent describer of the action, but the few times I've been forced to listen to him call races at SA, I can never tell if he has any emotion or passion for the races. Mirahmadi's love for the sport always came through along with a close eye for what was happening on the track and he almost never missed an important detail.
r More than 1 year ago
Frank M I assume takes the helm at GGF. He must really be pissed .
r More than 1 year ago
This was the right call. Michael is a premier race caller nuclear. Crisp. Accurate. I did not agree with the process but I do agree with the choice.
rub_guzmac More than 1 year ago
Great Call by SAP. Michael W calls the races with pinpoint accuracy. He makes even a claiming race so colorful and exciting and he narrates the full scenario of every race from the get-go to the wGreat Great decision by SAP> Michael Wrona calls every race with pinpoint accuracy. Even a claiming race, he narrates Great decision by SAP. Michael Wrona calls every race with pinpoint accuracy. He narrates the full scenario of a race, even a claiming race, in a very exciting and colorful manner. I can close my eyes during a race and just listen to him and get the entire picture of a race in hi definition
Greg DuBos More than 1 year ago
Wrona called races at Lonestar Park, always enjoyed his calls at my hometown track, good luck!!