02/27/2017 4:10PM

Woodbine's HPItv to remain on air


A television network operated by Woodbine showing live feeds of races will remain on the air, the company announced Monday, reversing an earlier decision.

HPItv will relaunch Wednesday with the live feed of up to four tracks displayed simultaneously. The network, which operates as a television adjunct to Woodbine’s account-wagering service, will offer live feeds throughout the day and evening, Woodbine said.

Earlier this year, Woodbine announced that it was shutting down the network due to a declining subscriber base and a desire to push more resources to its Internet-based account-wagering operation, which also offers live feeds. However, the company changed its mind after receiving “feedback from horseplayers and racing fans,” according to Sean Pinsonneault, Woodbine’s executive vice president of strategy and wagering.

“We believe we have come up with a practical solution that will work,” Pinsonneault said.

HPItv is available on a pay-per-view basis or as a subscription service. An accompanying channel displaying live odds from racetracks will be discontinued as planned, Woodbine said.

Anonymous 7 months ago
the old format worked great. You could watch the race and listen to the race as it happened.
Now the screen is divided into 4. Good luck as you will need a massive flat screen to view the race.
If you have a smaller tv...get a magnifying glass out.
The audio comes on for the race as the race goes off. 
What happens if races go off simultaneously?
Good luck figuring out which race the audio is for.
It looks real cool the "QUAD" screen....but so does a brand new Corvette with no engine in it.
what do they have in common?
They both don't work.
I cancelled my subscription after 5 minutes on the new format.

Peter 7 months ago
this is great news, i was really sad to be losing my favourite channel
Pete Gold 7 months ago
Thank God! 
rogerdodger7 7 months ago
When combining a desktop app with a mobile app for HPIBets at Woodbine, the desktop app was united with the mobile app. The result no real improvement in the desktop app and cuts to make it adapt for the small screens of phones and tablets. Where there might have been some improvements there was a starting point of the old app and try to combine the two. Where as many people may handicap at home with a table and pp's set down, and place bets, the notion that so much improved handle would happen with the combining is pure poppycock. There is no increase and just a decrease in the functions of the new HPIBets app. They may crow about and increased handle but that hides the fact that there is less function on the app and therefore imo a ghost hidden handle which exists. In other words had they made significant feature improvements to the desktop app the handle would have been even better. What they offer is really mickey mouse and they are in a fog.