07/08/2009 12:00AM

Woodbine stops seeding pick six


Woodbine Entertainment Group announced Wednesday that for the time being it will stop seeding its Sunday pick-six pool.

Woodbine had been putting $150,000 into the pick six each of the last three Sundays. The wager was paid out each of those days, returning $203,499 on June 21, $153,844 on June 28, and $46,983 on July 5.

For the time being, the pick six will be offered Sundays without any pool guarantee.

Sean Pinsonneault, Woodbine's vice president of wagering services, said Woodbine might bring the promotion back later this year.

"We wanted to promote our pick-six wager," Pinsonneault said, "and felt seeding the pool with $150,000 would raise eyebrows, and it sure did.

"It would have been nice to see it carry over a few days from our perspective, but clearly some pretty savvy players were able to walk away with some significant jackpots, and that's ultimately what we were trying to create."