04/05/2012 6:50PM

Woodbine: Schickedanz has racing privileges restored


ETOBICOKE, Ontario - Owner/breeder Bruno Schickedanz has had his racing privileges  restored at Woodbine and will be represented by Stuck in Traffic, trained by Phil England, in Sunday's first race.

"We talked and came to an agreement which reinstated his racing privileges," said Jamie Martin, executive vice president for racing of the Woodbine Entertainment Group.

The Woodbine Entertainment Group had withdrawn Schickedanz's racing and stabling privileges in late June of 2010 after Wake At Noon, who had been training on his farm, shipped in to Woodbine to breeze over the training track and took a bad step which led to his being injured and euthanized.

Wake at Noon, a 13-year-old gelding, was Canadian Horse of the Year in 2002 and had not participated in a race since Nov. 2007.

Schickedanz appealed Woodbine's actions to the Ontario Racing Commission in August 2010, but his appeal was denied.

Following an Ontario Racing Commission hearing that fall into the Wake At Noon incident, Schickedanz was suspended for 12 months beginning Jan. 1, 2011, with six months of that suspension to be stayed.

Schickedanz appealed and a new racing commission ruling issued last Nov. 9 stayed the entire suspension while placing the owner on probation through Oct. 31, 2013.

The racing commission never cited Schickedanz for any specific rule violations, but in a statement of facts agreed upon by both parties, the commission held him responsible for the horse's breakdown "as the ultimate admitted decision-maker."

Stephanie More than 1 year ago
Hey Bill you're wrong- Wake at noon was a horse, not a gelding. More importantly, looks like you didn't deem it worth reportingthat the ORG agreed that some initial media reportserroneously indicated that "Wake At Noon" was ineligible to be on Woodbine premisis or work there. Also, you don't seem to care to mention that the ORC agreed that the horse went on to the track in "good condition" and the final necropsy report "found no relevant pre-existing injury or medical condition, and blood samples from the horses body on June 29, 2010 were found to be negative for all of the drugs for which testing was performed." Seems like one sided reporting. Did anyone ever report the other side of the story? seems to me that the truth lies somewhere inbetween.
Al Courtney More than 1 year ago
Get rid of their slots and bring in one team sports betting.Bye Bye racing
Leslie Bliman-Kuretzky More than 1 year ago
BOOOOOO!!!! I think this is downright stupid on Woodbines part