06/24/2013 12:17PM

Woodbine: Quarantine due to equine herpesvirus nears completion


ETOBICOKE, Ontario – All horses from Barn 1 were back training with the general population over the weekend and are eligible to return to the races after registering second negative tests for the equine herpesvirus.

“Wednesday would be 14 days from the last transmission event,” said Adam Chambers, manager of veterinary services for the Ontario Racing Commission. “I’m hoping we can get everyone out of jail on Wednesday.”

Chambers said several horses from other locations have been segregated here in the old Standardbred barn.

“We’re still taking horses that have fevers, anywhere at Woodbine, and putting them into isolation,” Chambers said. “They need two negative tests for EHV to get out.”

Five horses in Barn 1 tested positive for the equine herpesvirus, with one 2-year-old having to be euthanized and another shipped to the University of Guelph’s veterinary clinic where he has since recovered.

Barn 3 also was quarantined after it was determined that a stable pony had been in contact with the infected horses. That quarantine was lifted last Wednesday.