12/13/2013 5:22PM

Woodbine: Jockey Singh suspended 10 years


ETOBICOKE, Ontario - Jockey/exercise rider Sunny Singh has been suspended 10 years by the Ontario Racing Commission for possessing an electrical device.

Singh was alleged to have had the device in his jacket pocket in the jockeys’ room at Woodbine on Nov. 8, when he was scheduled to ride one horse that he was taken off of late on the card.

As of Friday, Singh had yet to appeal the ban, which denies him access privileges to all Ontario racetracks during the period of the suspension, which began Dec. 11.

Singh, 32, has 263 career wins from 3,079 mounts. He is 0 for 23 at the current Woodbine meet.

None of your Business More than 1 year ago
Someone in the jocks room set poor Sunny up!! He's never had a problem like this before in his whole racing career.. 10 years is a long Ban.. Sunny is a hard worker and tries his very best in everything.. Hopefully his Ban can be reduced!!
Kavita Ramsaroop More than 1 year ago
did anyone even tried to give this kid the benefit of a doubt?everyone was just trying to nail him to the cross,as some one said,he was in the suna,left his jacket outside,anyone could have tamper with it,especially after having a fued with the big names like Bryian Lynch-but as another said,Singh and the one of the guys that worked in the jockey's silk room was butting heads over girl,could this be it?hope Singh gets himself a good lawyer and the truth will come about,if he is guilty then yes he deserves the punishment,if not I pray that he sues and wins ORC big time,until then,I think he will do well at NYRA
None of your Business More than 1 year ago
Butting heads over a girl? Well i believe he has better things to do than mess around with racetrack groupies!! A lot of insignificant people like yourself just get a kick out of spreading rumours.. just disgraceful!! Besides that nonsense' Hopefully his ban can be reduced' and get on with his life as a jockey!!
None of your Business More than 1 year ago
Someone said this!! Someone said that!! Get your facts straight ladyh!! It's insignificant people such as yourself that just like to talk crap.. For Pete's sakes find something better to do with your time!!
Patricia Doyle More than 1 year ago
He'll probably show up on the NYRA circuit. Mr. Singh, Welcome to the Big A!!!!
Gerald Sabo More than 1 year ago
They ALL carry them, not every race, but EVERYONE of them have carried.
Five More than 1 year ago
New. What's the difference(s), between the ATM heist, trainer/vets with their syringes and CashCall cos. ?
Jacka Diamond More than 1 year ago
Having a buzzer on the racetrack grounds though not in a race or actually using it is an automatic ban. Then length of time varies, 10yrs with his % probably cost him about 15 winners. Now let me offer my congratulations to the "DOCTORS" masquerading as trainers batting north of 27%. If they're is no test yet for "it" then continue to use "it", you have advanced beyond the "milkshake" and the "Frog Juice" and have taken it to another level. In New York we have 2 "Doctors" doing extremely well , these Doc's have PEDS at the end of their names not PHDS...Bettors capitalize on these angles and don't get caught up in the legalities between the racetrack, Trainers and jockeys...winning @ 7-2 odds makes no difference to a bettor whether its a claimer or a 1M Grade 1...it DOES to the Owner, Trainer, Jockey and Groom however that’s why they juice...A few years ago I had a chance to cheat and I did. The machine allowed me to bet after the race was run; you think I called the manager? Nope, I sent it in....
Five More than 1 year ago
Who are the 2 "Doctors" in NY ? Let me in on it, I need help. The takeout(s) are killing me in this game. (psst), DJ and RR ?? right ??
Five More than 1 year ago
Diamond Jack....I am as dishonest as you are. At home, online, I have tried to click "submit" after the race has started. A couple of times, even, after the race finished........heeheehee. We are all dishonest some way, Diamond Jack, only we 2 willing to admit....
Five More than 1 year ago
What's the difference, between the ATM heist and trainers/vets with their syringes ?
Bio More than 1 year ago
If he wants to continue being a jockey... he better start Singhing!
Ken Wiener More than 1 year ago
Under the Criminal Code in Canada you can go to jail for up to two years if, with intent to defraud, you cheat "while playing a game or in holding stakes for a game or in betting". As Singh was apprehended before actually cheating, he presumably can't be charged. If he was apprehended after the race, hopefuly he would have been charged. More than 30 years ago, a trainer and jockey were criminally charged in Toronto for stiffing a horse. The jury convicted the trainer but not the jockey. I agree with the commentators below that trainers should be criminally charged for cheating at play (or the applicable local equivalent) for doping a horse.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He was charged for having an electrical device on the grounds. No pun intended but that is the charge there. It is not based upon the charge you are talking about.
The Baron More than 1 year ago
I don't see any one on Wall Street or Banksters getting any time for cheating and it is just a way of life there. Maybe we need Stewards to watch over the Finacial community as well - because it is no secret the amount of cheating that goes on there every day!! Truth is that when ever there is money involved there will always be cheating - just think about that for a minute and tell me one sector in life where money is the main goal and I doubt you will disagree -it is human nature. Any one remember LJ Durousseau back in the day made a living carrying a Battery - with black gloves on and all - the worst he got was a lot less than Singh. This will never stop - just work around it.