04/18/2011 10:35AM

Woodbine jockey Ramsammy bruised after bad spill


ETOBICOKE, Ontario - Jockey Emile Ramsammy was resting at home on Monday after being involved in a frightening spill in Woodbine’s ninth race on Sunday.

Ramsammy, 48, was thrown forward and toward the inside when his mount, Harmony Lane, broke down when racing at the rear of the field in the opening quarter-mile. Harmony Lane then fell hard to the track, rolling right over the downed Ramsammy, who was stabilized and taken to hospital by attending ambulance personnel.

“He had X-rays, and a CAT scan, which came back negative,” said jockey agent Neal Wilson, who represents Ramsammy. “They released him, and he was home last night. He’s sore and beat up, he has a headache, but he tells me he’s riding on the weekend.”

Harmony Lane, a promised 3-year-old filly owned by Bill Graham, was euthanized on the racetrack.