01/31/2017 4:02PM

Woodbine Harness: Thursday 2/2 Analysis


Race 1 - $40,000 Guaranteed Pick Five Pool

Race 4 - $50,000 Guaranteed Pick Four Pool

Pick 5: 5,7,8/2,7/8/6,7,8/3,4,5,10 = $14.40

Early Pick 4: 6,7,8/3,4,5,10/1,3,9/2,5 = $72

Late Pick 4:  2,5/1,7,8/4,6,9/4,7,8 = $54

MEET STATS: 100 - 395 / $548.40  BEST BETS: 16 - 36 / $59.70

SPOT PLAYS: 15 - 35 / $59.40


Spot Play: BLUE FOX (7th)

Race 1

(8) ELDORADO OF GOLD S was one of several claimed horses involved in an early skirmish for the front last week and he paid the price. He retains the leading driver and he should get an easier journey tonight. (5) CHIEVOUS COLE chased a tough repeat winner home last week and had broken equipment. He can be dangerous if he blasts here; using. (7) ALACTRITY fits here and goes for a new barn off the claim; consider. (3) GIRL DRAMA converted a perfect trip last time but she is often out of position at the 3/4 pole; minor share predicted this time.

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Race 2

(2) TOP DOLLAR moves into a hot barn and gets an aggressive young driver here. Expect an earlier move this time. (7) HARLEIGH RIDER hasn't won in forever, but he gets McNair back for his second try in a claimer and he gets post relief; beware. (3) LEROYS DREAM is always around the money racing out of town. He can share here. (5) IM THE MAN will be part of the early pace but it's unlikely that he sticks around for more than a smaller share.

Race 3

(8) MATTJESTIC TEMPO roared up to win last week despite having a tough trip behind poor cover. She's razor sharp and the smaller field works to her advantage; a three-peat looms. (1) SR BEACH BABE should be able to leave better here, which puts her in the picture. (6) CASIMIR PARDON ME reversed tactics last week and closed for a slice. A more aggressive steer is likely in the cards. (7) SWEETSHADYSHARK should be near the front early and she can stick around for a slice.

Race 4

(6) KOULTONS ROCKET went a huge trip hung the mile from the outer post at Flamboro the other day. He is clearly in top form, comes back quickly again and will likely be a square price; top call. (7) QUICK FUN N takes a big class drop and must be used in multi-race bets, but he could be overplayed in the win pool. (8) ROCKIN WIZARD qualified well and he certainly classes up to these. Henry staying on likely means he's a 'go'; using. (4) SIERRA MADRE can pass horses late and fill one of the lower exotics slots.

Race 5

(5) I WISH YOU WELL took a shuffle in the Blizzard series but she did come back on for a share. She should be prominent throughout here. (10) MANHATTAN KELLY also exits the Blizzard series and will likely blast and try to control things or sit in the choice's pocket. (4) DANCING SHADOWS K beat easier with a power move in the third quarter. A smaller share is likely this time. (3) BALOO SANDS also steps up off a maiden win and she too can share.

Race 6

(3) DEAR DAD passed a few horses in the back half in his debut for Vanderkemp. Sharp improvement here would be no surprise. (1) ROAD LIGHT broke while making a move last week. She can factor here if she behaves. (9) WAVE CRASHER has some ability and he could take these if he stays flat, but that part could also be dicey. (2) MIGHTY NICKY is worth a look debuting for Henriksen.

Race 7

(2) BLUE FOX showed some late interest last time racing in the Snowshoe series. He should be closer early here and can take these with a well-timed steer. (5) SOUTHWIND MONTY raced big on the rim last time; using. (6) JUST A THOUGHT is always live in the lane but quite often at the mercy of pace and trip. A small share is likely for him. (3) HOME JAMES got nailed late by the chalk last week. He is another that can take this contentious heat.

Race 8

(7) FIRM IT UP takes a big drop here and attracts the leading driver, who has been moving horses up all meet long; top call. (8) SURPRISE HANOVER also drops and he figures to leave hard to get good position. Toss him on your Pick 4 bets. (1) BUCKSHOT KILLEAN was taken by Vanderkemp for himself and he adds Lasix. He can be a threat. (5) LONESOME ATTACK can close in late for a share while dropping in class.

Race 9

(4) BROOKLETSJUSTIFIED was held up to the stretch last week but once free had plenty of pace to get the job done. He should be tough in here facing similar. (6) REBEL VOYAGER continues to race well and is a danger from close range. (9) RED JOHN raced okay vs. the tough Lyons Sands last time and he is worth including in the late Pick 4. (7) FREDDY BEAR was well back of the choice last time but he could take a small slice here.

Race 10

(4) PUSH BACK raced huge last week considering he was pressed every step of the way. He should take these a long way. (8) CHEYENNE FORD got a dream setup last time and rolled by the choice late, but he is sharp as a tack and rates highly regardless. (7) HIGHPOINT CHIP raced well last time considering he was coming off 39-day break; using. (9) HOOSIER DALI can pass many of these late in the mile. (3) I WANNA BE GEARED can take a small share off an inside following trip.

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