12/01/2016 3:23PM

Woodbine Harness: Horses to watch from Nov. 24 - Nov. 28


Thursday, November 24

MR MATCH ON BEACH (NW1) closed well from far back and earns a look in next.

SCARY GOOD (NW4000) trotter broke before the start, took to the rear, rallied wide in the final turn and closed steadily. Break was undeniably costly.

MR MACH JIMMY (CLMHCP15/20000/3YO) tucked early, pulled uncovered to the half, challenged a long way but was proven second best on the track and on the board when passed by the fast-closing winner.

ABOUT A BOY (NW1) rallied belatedly and seemed willing so should not be overlooked in next. 

CURATOR (CLM8000) closed well from back of the pack and can surprise.

Friday, November 25

HOT SPOT HANOVER (NW4FM) sat in the pocket clearing too late to launch her best bid.

MAKER A YANKEE (NW2) had serious traffic problems trying to find racing room in the stretch. Beaten favorite can atone with some racing luck.

OCEANVIEW PANCHO (NW2) rallied wide at 36-1 and kept coming to nearly catch the tiring leader.

REGALLY READY (NW13100FM) finished full of pace from an impossible spot.

MISS JONES SHOOTER (CLMHCP15/20000/3YOF) had the pocket and could have got it done if she found room.  

SHOW SOME LEG (NW3000FM) brushed and crushed in last and could take another.

Saturday, November 26

LITTLE RED CHEV (NW6) followed wide and closed strong at 40-1 to nail second place.

UF BETTORS HANOVER (NW4100) trailed to the lane, followed the wide flow and closed best but had way too far to come.

THREE OF CLUBS (NW4100) was in too tight until too late to give his best shot and earns long look in next.

SAFEKEEPING (NW2) brushed to the lead passing the third panel, opened up a few lengths but was nailed in the last step. Same move, more attention in the lane and the 3YO miss should score.

Monday, November 28

NEW YORK NIGHTMARE (CLMHCP15/18000) was parked to the lead, yielded, sat pocket in tight quarters, angled out and closed well but the winner had the jump on him.

TIRA SEELSTER (CLMHCP8/12000FM) tucked early, followed the winner's cover, lost it when the lead changed, chased determindely but was second best. Beaten favorite can atone in no time.

BLUSH AND CRUSH (CLMHCP12/15000) tucked early, pulled, rallied, tucked the open pocket, sat for a bit, pulled, pounced on the leader, took the lead and proved second best at 30-1 in rare 3-move effort.

RESISTANCE FUTILE (NW2500) rushed fast through traffic and just missed.

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