05/03/2012 5:27PM

Woodbine: Four trainers appealing bans, fines for drug positives


ETOBICOKE, Ontario - Trainers Roger Attfield, Claudia Rabstein, Justin Nixon, and Mike Doyle all have lodged appeals to the Ontario Racing Commission after being assessed 15-day suspensions and $1,000 fines for horses who tested positive for the Class 4 drug ketoprofen, an anti-inflammatory, last fall.

The racing commission's notices of appeal were made public late Thursday afternoon.

Galan's Wings, trained by Attfield, had finished first in the third race here last Sept. 24 and Gold Dreamer, trained by Rabstein, had finished first in the eighth race at Fort Erie on Sept. 27.

Northern Hunter, trained by Nixon, had ended fourth in the second race at Fort Erie on Oct. 17 while Irish Songster, trained by Doyle, ran fourth in the second race there Oct. 29.

Ketroprofen is a commonly used prerace medication similar to phenylbutazone, with anti-inflammatory properties.

There is a 48-hour withdrawal period for the medication, and testimony presented before the rulings of suspension had stressed that the medication had been administered in appropriate quantities and well within the allowable period.

Pending the appeal, the principals involved on both sides had no comment.