06/14/2009 11:00PM

Woodbine adds $150K to pick six


Beginning this Sunday, Queen's Plate Day, the pick six at Woodbine will become a weekly bet, offered only on Sundays, rather than a daily wager.

If the final daily pick six is not hit this Saturday, then the track will add $150,000 to the carryover for Sunday's pool. In subsequent weeks, if the pick six is hit, Woodbine will contribute $150,000 to launch the following Sunday's pick six pool. A carryover pool will not receive the additional money from the track.

"Typically, what we figure is if it doesn't go for three Sundays, then the incremental wagering would likely pay for itself," said Steve Mitchell, a senior vice president and the chief financial officer for Woodbine. "Our purpose is to raise awareness of Woodbine, predominantly in the United States, where it's sometimes a struggle to get eyes on our product."

As is the case currently, 70 percent of the pick six pool will be allocated to ticket holders with six winners, with the remaining 30 percent to be distributed in consolation payoffs.

Takeout for the pick six will remain at 25 percent.