06/12/2015 4:50PM

The Wizard’s weekend selections, analysis, and wagering strategies


Available now, the Wizard sets his sights on this weekend’s best racing, with an eye toward the best betting opportunities. With his full-card selections and analysis, you’ll find a detailed look at the field and top picks for each race. With the addition of the betting window, you’ll get suggested wagers, including exotics. Plays are updated 30 to 60 minutes before first post to account for scratches and changes. Find out more and buy now.

James Eccles More than 1 year ago
Which is a bigger waste of money - the spam come-on comment or paying the wizard? Inquiring minds want to know.
Mike Lee More than 1 year ago
DRF is similar to the Titanic,it's just taking a little longer to sink completely!
Cory Higby More than 1 year ago
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