08/03/2014 10:02PM

Winless trainer punished for poor treatment of horses


DEL MAR, Calif.-  Trainer Shane Moran, who has not won a race with 23 starters in his career, has been fined $1,000 and suspended  for 30 days in a stipulated agreement with the California Horse Racing Board stemming from a 2013 investigation regarding the welfare of some of the horses in his small stable, the stewards announced in a ruling on Sunday.

Two of the horses in Moran’s care in 2013 were found to be in such poor condition that they were later euthanized by a large animal veterinary clinic in El Cajon, Calif., according to a report by racing board investigators.

The horses in the investigation were owned by the trainer’s brother, Mark Moran of Panama City, Fla. Mark Moran was fined $1,000 and ordered to relinquish his owner’s license before Aug. 8, according to a stewards’  ruling. The ruling stated that Mark Moran, 56, cannot reapply for a license until Nov. 1, 2017.

In a complaint filed in 2013, racing board investigators said that Mark Moran “showed no interest in the condition of his horses.”

Shane Moran’s suspension runs from Sept. 1 to Oct. 1. Beginning Oct. 1, Moran will be on probation through Dec. 16, 2016 and must adhere to eight conditions set forth by the racing board. Del Mar stewards Scott Chaney, Luis Jauregui, and Kim Sawyer approved the stipulated agreement,  including those conditions on Sunday.

The investigation stemmed from the care and treatment of Moran’s horses through 2013. Racing board investigators wrote in a statement that Moran’s horses were found to be “not able to run or unhealthy.” In addition, the investigators wrote that Moran races and trains his horses to the extent that “the horses have serious health injuries and then he contacts a(n) animal rescue facility to take the horses.

“The horses are in such poor health that [they] cannot be rehabilitated. The horse must then be put down [due] to the fact that their injuries are life threatening.”

The horses Chazmule and Quick Haunt were euthanized after they were assessed by veterinarians on behalf of a horse rescue operation, according to racing board investigators.

Moran did not return a phone call seeking comment on Sunday evening.

The stipulated agreement with the racing board dictates that Moran cooperate with the racing board of the monitoring of his compliance of the terms of the agreement; that Moran must apply for a new trainer’s license upon completion of the probation, and that the license application will be reviewed for recommendation regarding a renewal; that Moran inform the racing board with a medical report if a horse in his care is euthanized or has a terminal injury; that Moran must inform the racing board within seven days if he donates a horse to a rescue operation; and that Moran submit his training record to the racing board on a monthly basis.

In other terms of the agreement, Moran must win a race during the probation period or relinquish his license; and he must meet with racing board equine medical director Dr. Rick Arthur and his private veterinarian to establish a horse care program for his runners.

The final aspect of the agreement states that Moran’s license would be suspended if violates any of the preceding terms.

Moran has had four horses race throughout California since April 2012 – Chazmule, Hoosier Diddy, Spooky Memories, and Trucial State. Trucial State finished third in a $16,000 claiming race at Del Mar in August  2013, and third in an $8,000 claimer at Santa Anita in June. Trucial State finished seventh of nine in an $8,000 claimer at Del Mar on Saturday.


Elizabeth Tobin More than 1 year ago
They both should be banned from racing for life. Not caring for the animals is inexcusable. 4 horses in your barn and you can't feed or medicate them right? How does he expect them to run if they are not feeling their best? And what idiot would give him a horse again?
GeriMc More than 1 year ago
The creep has a horse in the 9th race tomorrow August 17th. It's a disgrace that he's allowed on the property. I'm actually hoping that PETA shows up to shay something about it.
Bill More than 1 year ago
I've never heard of the CHRB going into a trainer's shedrow and then into his stalls and taking two horses out to be euthanized. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/aug/04/horse-racing-animal-abuse-moran/ Trainer Shane Moran of Bonita, 0-for-23 lifetime as a trainer and accused of animal welfare violations by the state for horses stabled at San Luis Rey Downs, said Monday that he likely will get back into training horses once his suspension is over on Oct. 1. Shane Moran denied that he abused his horses and said they were “in fine shape.” But both horses, Chazmule and Quick Haunt, were euthanized after being taken to a large animal animal veterinary clinic in El Cajon.
Marlaine Meeker More than 1 year ago
Why did not another trainer or owner, anyone at this track file a complaint or report this guy before it got this bad. These things do not happen overnight. Is there any hope for racing if the people most involved won't do something about it.
Ted Maher More than 1 year ago
Generally, those who respect the welfare of the horses complain that the current medication rules need to be changed to eliminate race day administration of drugs . I agree, but I also think that enforcement and penalties must be part of the analysis - and these may even be a larger concerns. You can make all the rules you want - in fact the current rules prohibit medications other than Lasix and Bute in a horse's system on race day. But when trainers are assessed with relatively small fines and/or 15 day suspensions there is no DETERRENT from overusing legal medications and administering illegal medications. The fines/suspensions are just part of the cost of doing business to the trainers. They repeatedly violate the regulations because there is no incentive to stop, and they are training away despite record that are horrible. The case at hand is yet another example of lax punishment, and an extremely abhorrent one. While I did not here all the evidence, if the facts as reported by DRF are accurate, the California stewards must be kidding - 30 days for allowing multiple horses to reach a condition where there was no other alternative but euthanasia. So, you get you a drug positive and have had multiple prior positives, and you get 15 days. And you abuse animals to the point of euthanasia and you get 30 days. These are the standards we hold trainers to in this country? Frankly it's a joke. Therefore, I think people need to take a closer look at enforcement with a particular focus on penalties in connection with the future of racing.
Rosemarie Cola More than 1 year ago
Never, never let these folks near an animal again! They should get alittle taste of what i it is like to suffer the way these horses did day in and day out. These are some of the folks that give this sport it's cruel rep that it doesn't deserve.
Gaye Goodwin More than 1 year ago
I did, Crystal, and I told them they should be ASHAMED!
Crystal David More than 1 year ago
I sent a letter to the CHRB letting them know exactly how I feel about this. EVERYONE who is upset by this ruling should do the same!
slewof damascus More than 1 year ago
The stipulation of having to "win a race" is not well thought out. How far will he go to win that race? Did they think of that. I don't care if he wins a race or not, all that matters is how well he treats his the horses in his care. The problem here is that he has broken that solemn trust in the most heinous of ways. He's not going to change his spots when it comes to something so basic about the nature of his being. When it comes to proven facts like these there is only one correct CHRB action: one strike and you're out.
KissmeCatexoxo More than 1 year ago