02/05/2004 1:00AM

Wilson trims role at TVG


Mark Wilson, the chief executive officer of Television Games Network, is taking a reduced role at the company and plans to return to personal business interests, Wilson said Wednesday.

As part of the move, Wilson is being named chairman of TVG, which is owned by Gemstar-TV Guide Inc. Wilson has been at the head of TVG since it was launched five years ago, and the firm has become the largest account-wagering company in the United States.

While Gemstar-TV Guide looks for a replacement for Wilson, Ryan O'Hara, a senior vice president with Gemstar, will take over on an interim basis, according to company officials.

Wilson said he had an agreement dating back several years with Gemstar's management to relinquish the day-to-day control over the company.

"When the company got to a relatively stable point in its growth," Wilson said of the agreement, "I would be kicked upstairs and be responsible for the strategic aspects and have less say on the day-to-day issues."

Wilson said he had several business interests in New Mexico, including a company that distributes slot machines to racetracks.