02/05/2013 5:36PM

West Virginia stewards ban former Charles Town racing secretary for two years


West Virginia stewards have revoked the license of the former racing secretary at Charles Town Races for two years because he accepted a loan from two trainers that own and race horses at the track, according to a copy of the stewards’ ruling.

The ruling states that the former racing secretary, Randy Wehrman, solicited a $700 loan from trainer John McKee “on or about Nov. 16,” 2012. When McKee was unable to provide a check to Wehrman immediately, he contacted his “significant other,” the trainer Cynthia O’Bannon, who wrote a check to Wehrman for the amount.

The ruling states that “soliciting and receiving money from horsemen compromises the integrity of the racing secretary’s position; has the potential to, or may actually, compromise the impartiality of the racing secretary with regard to the two horsemen; . . .  and presents a clear conflict of interest which is contrary to the best interests of racing.”

Under the ruling, Wehrman will be unable to receive any racing license in West Virginia for two years. He will be excluded from all racetrack grounds.

Wehrman, who had been Charles Town’s racing secretary since 2008, was escorted from the track grounds by security personnel and fired in early December. Officials for Charles Town have declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding his firing.

The stewards issued the ruling on Feb. 1, two weeks after conducting a hearing into the matter.
On Tuesday, Charles Town announced that it had elevated Charles McIntosh to Wehrman’s former position.

McIntosh has been employed in Charles Town’s racing office for the past three years, according to a release from the track’s parent company, Penn National Gaming Inc. McIntosh had previously worked at the old Latonia racetrack, now known as Turfway Park, and had also been the director of racing at Birmingham Turf Club, which closed in 1995.


oh More than 1 year ago
Charlestown Horsemen better watch out. A couple of trainers is really running the place calling the shots.
Rob More than 1 year ago
Do your homework at Charlestown and you will win money for 2 weeks in last month you couldn't win a race on the lead it was all horses in the 2 and 3 path well this week the rail has been real good and suddenly those horses who had no chance against the biaz are winning like crazy the winner of the first race last night was a classic example and he paid $33.00 dollars to win. The last race winner had closed against the biaz in his last start and last night he got a perfect set and stormed past the dueling leaders to pay $26.00 and set off a $30k pick four. Trust me I have 4 years of info on this track don't say they are fixing races when you see something happen that doesn't make sense it's a weird track and the biaz means so much here. Bob in Pa
Kirk Rollins More than 1 year ago
Penn National in general has problems. What about the former Sec at Penn National. Getting vacations in FLA by giving stalls to the right people and trying to charge trainers for stalls. I called my state rep after he caused problems and low and behold had stalls the next week. The insider stuff is just way to prevalent.
Jerry Lingerman Sr More than 1 year ago
this is most rediculous situations i ever seen give me a break life is tough enough .
Chris Lake More than 1 year ago
Charles Levy More than 1 year ago
Just found out from Bloodhorse.com Danny Wright was suspened ten days because he workd for trainer John Mckee on his farm . This whole thing smells .
Charles Levy More than 1 year ago
its funny how this hit the news before head steward Danny Wright being suspended did . Wright was suspended over aweek ago by Charlestown but no press release yet !!!!!! WHY ????? In 09 clerk of scales and 7 riders fined and suspened for 30 days for fixing wieghts .
mikey More than 1 year ago
How about stopping trainers from betting.A ten year ban for any trainer betting on a race.
Kendra Mcallister More than 1 year ago
we are talking about 700.00 2 years really?
Debra QueenMom Samm More than 1 year ago