05/24/2014 3:34PM

Welsch's Rainbow Pick Six clocker report


5th race

Skip’s World
May 18
– An even maintenance half-mile in 49 seconds, galloped out well. Rating: B-

Mon Petit Pote
May 20
– Finished nicely, final quarter of a 49.64-second half-mile on the main track in 23.84, out five-eighths in 1:02.66. Rating: B
May 13 – A fast five-eighths in 1:00 but under steady urging, drifted some through latter stages of work with no real gallop out. Rating: B-

Hand Picked
May 17
– Got the best of D N A Approved and finished a length clear in 1:01.20 over a bit of a dull track. Rating: B-

Steel N Pack
May 18
– Finished four lengths behind stablemate So Frank, did shade 25 seconds for final quarter with aid of a strong tailwind completing five-eighths in 49.19. Rating: C+

Simon Bar Sinister
May 19
– Speedy son of War Front continues to show the ability to rate in the morning, was very impressive coming home the final quarter of a 48.45-second half-mile in 22.60 when asked to the wire, galloped out five-eighths in 1:01.12, up six panels in 1:14.10. Rating: B+
May 13 – Shaded 23 for the final quarter of a 48-and-change half-mile on the main track, continued out very strong into the turn in 1:00.60. Rating: B+

6th race

Lady Anita
May 24
– Blew out easy three-eighths in 36.20 seconds with blinkers. Rating: B
May 10 – Best of a set of three from the gate that included Heir to the Throne (debuts for maiden $12,500 earlier on card), a tailwind aided half-mile in 47.60. Rating: B-
Dec. 28 – Faltered late over muddy strip around the dogs in 52.77. Rating: C

Concord Park
May 17
– Tired badly during later stages of a 1:02.09 five-eighths after showing good early foot, got the better of stable mate Familiar Melody. Rating: C+

One Look
May 14 – Broke slow but was much the best of a team from the gate along with Indygo Prince, finished a half-length in front after four furlongs in 48.74 seconds before pulling well clear, completing tailwind-aided five-eighths in 1:01.77. Rating: B
April 6 – Finished a head back of Crony Capitalism going a half-mile in 48.59 while under more pressure than mate to keep pace to wire, in blinkers. Rating: C+

May 19
– Improved effort for multiple-stakes-placed filly, a pressured half-mile over a very fast track in 47.18 seconds with jockey Juan Leyva aboard. Rating: B

Fantastic Voyage
May 21
– Cruises easy three-eighths in blinkers in 36.40 seconds from the gate, galloped out willingly in 48.81. Rating: B

Sophia’s Pride
May 10
– Flashed big speed once again, a half-mile in 46 seconds and change while finishing into a headwind, although not much gallop out, five-eighths in 1:01.60. Rating: B

7th race

My Best Brother
May 18
– The lone turf worker of the morning was pressed late, tired some to the wire, going five-eighths in 1:00.11 over a firm course. Rating: B-
Apr. 12 – Tired under pressure over a fast main track, four furlongs in 48.45 seconds, out in 1:02. Rating: C+

Drover Road
May 17
– The last in a series of less-than-average main track works. Rating: C

Starship Zorro
May 17
– Faltered late under mild urging, 49.30-second half-mile off a 23.80 opening quarter with no gallop out over the main track. Rating: C+

8th race

Rocket Tee
May 17
– Walked away early, finished well with a tailwind over a dull track, four furlongs in 49.89 seconds off a 26.12 opening quarter. Rating: B-

May 17
– Ran out of gas late despite finishing with a tailwind at her back, a half-mile in 50 seconds with no gallop out. Rating: C-

9th race

May 17
– Finished with some interest under pressure, 24 seconds to a 47.76 half-mile. Rating: B-

War Classic
May 19
– Cruised early, out in 25.40 seconds, home the final quarter of a 49.76 half-mile in 24.36 while under mild encouragement to the wire, average gallop out in 1:03.60, just okay for a turf specialist on the main track. Rating: C+

May 19
– Finished fairly well but had his head cocked coming to the wire for the second straight week, completed a half-mile in 49.13 seconds with just an average gallop out for a Wolfson trainee. Rating: C+
May 12 – Tired a bit to the wire while finishing with his head cocked and looking a bit uncomfortable, but did gallop out pretty well in 1:00.87. Rating: B-

May 21
– Blew out three-eighths in 35 seconds and change under some pressure without blinkers. Rating: C+
May 14 – Hard used throughout from gate, with no blinkers, in 23.60, 35.12, 47.17, 1:01.08, had Leyva up. Rating: B-

May 17
– An average five-eighths, finished with the aid of a strong tailwind on the main track. Rating: C+

Dream Saturday
May 17
– A very easy half-mile in 50.07 seconds with a huge gallop out, five-eighths in 1:02.07 over the main track. A talented and improving 3-year-old but a question mark on grass. Rating: B+

Starship Avenge
May 17
– Efficient half-mile in 47.63 seconds, finished well into teeth of a strong headwind when roused slightly to the wire. Rating: B

El Jefe Grande
May 18
– Much the best of a team alongside Symphony Forty One, shaded 1:00 for five-eighths before drawing four lengths clear on the gallop out. Rating: B

10th race

Gussie Up
May 17
– Tired during latter portion of below-average half-mile. Rating: C-

Senorita Sangria
May 17
– Tired slightly under moderate urging, 23.77 seconds to a 48.21 half-mile. Rating: B-

Tacu Tacu Girl
May 11
– Finished last of a set of three from the gate, far behind mate Trapnall Hall. Rating: C

Kimberly Is That U
May 17
– Never asked but was fading through latter stages of 49.46-second half-mile with no gallop out. Rating: C+