07/28/2010 8:00PM

Welcome to the new DRF.com


Steven Crist on the new DRF.comWe hope you are enjoying the new DRF.com.

While we are constantly making updates and improving performance, we encourage you to send all feedback to newsite@drf.com.

We are excited to release this new version of DRF.com, and would like to take this opportunity to explain some of the site’s new features while answering any questions you may have about the content you’re used to seeing on DRF.com.

Techincal RecommendationsWhere to Find...NEW FEATURES

One of the main goals in the design of the new DRF.com was to compile all relevant racing information about specific races in one central, easy to use dashboard. This destination is known as the “Play the Races” section, and it is located in the upper right side of the new DRF.com homepage.

Play the Races” showcases upcoming races, scheduled post time, entries, results, handicappers’ analysis, related news, and quick links that take you right into the past performances. NOTE - the "scheduled post time" is simply the projected post time announced by the track and will not reflect post time changes throughout the day. 

You’ll notice these “Get PPs” quick links throughout the site (in news articles, blog posts, etc), and here’s how they work: If you are logged into DRF.com and have a current PP subscription, you will immediately be brought to the past performances of the race you’re looking at. Not just the raceday – the race. If you’re reading a Brad Free preview of the 8th race from Del Mar, clicking “Get PPs” will immediately open up those past performances and debit your account.

Located in the top left section of the homepage, the “News Marquee” is another brand new DRF.com feature, designed to cycle through the top four events in the racing world.

You’ll also notice the DRF.com homepage now posts excerpts from the two most recent blog postings and the two most recent columns. We’ve also added more blogs: West coast handicapper Brad Free, national handicapper Mike Watchmaker, and foreign analyst Alan Shuback will offer new and different perspectives from their vantage point.

News content on the new DRF.com is organized in a way that makes it easier to follow your favorite track and circuit, and we’ve added in the option to filter headlines by "Today," "Yesterday," and "Last Five Days."

Within the news articles, you’ll notice a few new additions. You now have the ability to email news articles and blog posts, or share them via Facebook, twitter, and more. You’ll also see DRF Handicappers’ Best Bets appear within news stories, a feature that had previously only been available within past performances.

We’ve been building out our “Learn to Play the Races” section over the past few months, and have transferred those sections over to the new site. These areas are designed to help new horseplayers learn the game, with instructional videos, historical content, and free EasyForm PP samples.

WHERE TO FIND................

• Past Performances – Under the “Handicapping” link in the navigation bar. From here, you can select your preferred PP format (Formulator, Classic, etc) and access your PPs.

• Handicapping Reports like QuickSheets & Pro Picks – Also under the “Handicapping” link

• The DRF Store – Whether you’re trying to buy PPs, Handicapping Reports, or DRF Press items, you’ll find it all under the “Buy” link in the navigation bar

• The Member Center – Simply login at the top of any page and click "Member Center." This will take you to your personalized Member Center page.

• News – The “News” link in the navigation bar has links to specific news categories (All News, Handicapping, Track Reports, etc).

• Race of the Day – It’s on the homepage now, seven days a week. When there’s no video analysis, we’ll still provide free PPs, but will swap in stakes race replays into the video player.

• Events and Special Sections – Events like the DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship or special section coverage of specific meets can be found under the “Events” link in the navigation bar.

• Live Odds – Follow along with DRF’s live toteboard from the Handicapping link in the navigation bar under the “Tools” category.