08/01/2017 8:58AM

The week in DRF Tournaments


For Wednesday and Thursday, DRF Tournaments will feature races 2-10 from Saratoga.

On Saturday, DRF Tournaments gives players a chance to win in to the $1 million, no-takeout finals of the World Championship of Handicapping via a Grade 1 qualifier, the second in as many weeks.

Previous Grade 1 qualifiers have been three weeks apart, and with only one week between qualifiers, there are likely to be fewer players entered. Fewer players means a better chance to qualify for a $5,000 seat in the World Championship of Handicapping. Buy-in is $580.

Buy-in for the Round 1 contests Wednesday-Friday is $95, and 1 in 7 will advance.

DRFT is also running feeders for Saturday’s Monmouth qualifier on Wednesday-Friday. Those entries cost $20, and 1 in 7 entries will win a $120 spot for Saturday. Out of Saturday’s contest, 1 in 10 will advance to the Monmouth Super Qualifier (a $500 value) on Aug. 26. Qualifiers will also receive $500 in travel money.