12/31/2004 12:00AM

Watch Mail non-delivery issues



The issue of non-delivery of Watch Mail notices seems to have been confined primarily to AOL users. Tests indicate the problem was the result of AOL recently initiating a block on all email that contained the url of one of our advertisers. This advertisement has been removed from outgoing Watch Mail and notices to all AOL members should resume. AOL users should nonetheless take the following steps to insure that Watch Mail is always delivered to their accounts:

1.) Add drfservices@drf.com to your address book.

2.) Check your e-mail settings to make sure they are not set up to block e-mail from "DRF Watch Mail."

If you have questions about changing your email settings, you will need to contact AOL directly.

FRI., DEC.31 1:00 P.M. ET

It has come to our attention that some users have not been receiving Watch Mail email notifications recently. We are currently investigating the issue with the help of our Web hosting firm and a number of ISPs. Until the problem is identified and resolved, users should log in to their accounts to view new Watch messages. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and will update users when there is a change in the situation. Thank you for your patience.

- DRF Internet Group