Updated on 09/17/2011 11:28AM

Watch mail issues and AOL users


As of Tuesday, Sept. 23, we have resolved the issue of non-delivery of Watch Mail notices to AOL users. If you are an AOL user: To verify that you are now receiving Watch email notices, please go to our entries pages and enter a horse or trainer into your account entered today from a race at any track - make sure to use a race that has not yet gone off. You should receive a result notice on that horse or trainer as long as you checked all the appropriate boxes when entering it. You should receive the result notice shortly after the chart - not the summary or quick result - is posted to DRF.com, usually within 45 minutes of the race being run.

Please note that AOL recommends that all AOL 9.0 users configure their email settings using the instructions below to insure they receive all Watch mail. Also, please be aware that all users can check their notices on DRF.com by simply logging in to their accounts.

Instructions for AOL Version 9.0 email settings

* Log on to AOL
* Go to Mail on the toolbar and select "Block Unwanted Mail"
* Make sure your screen name is displayed in the selection box at the top
* Make sure that the first option, "Allow mail from all senders," is selected under the "Control who I get mail from" section.
* Click save.
* Go back to Mail on the toolbar and select Mail Settings.
* Under the General tab make sure that the "By default, show me mail from:" option is selected as "Everyone" or if you choose to select "People I know," that the e-mail address drfservices@drf.com is listed either in your Buddy List or in your Address Book.

All users: How to report non-delivery issues

If you are still not receiving Watch email notices, regardless of what ISP you are using, please email with details. In order for us to investigate your problem you must include the following: Your DRF.com login and password, the date and type of Watch notice you believe you did not receive, any other relevant details - ie. horse name, trainer name, carryover type, etc.