04/06/2015 4:32PM

Vic Stauffer resigns California steward post


Vic Stauffer, the longtime racetrack announcer who has worked as a steward for the California Horse Racing Board since 2011, resigned his CHRB position on Thursday last week, effective immediately, according to Stauffer and CHRB officials.

In an e-mail, Stauffer said that he resigned in order to “explore other opportunities” and “spend more time with my family.” Stauffer was hired by the CHRB late in 2011 while still announcing at Hollywood Park, the Los Angeles-area track that closed at the end of 2013. He has also been an analyst for TVG and a jockey's agent in Southern California.

Stauffer most recently worked at Golden Gate in Northern California as a “safety steward,” a liaison between the stewards and racing licensees on safety and medication issues. He had also served in the stewards’ stand at several fairs in Northern and Southern California over the past several years.

Mike Marten, a spokesman for the CHRB, said the board has 18 stewards still under contract, and that the resignation would not lead to any staffing problems at California tracks.

Over the past two decades, Stauffer has also called races at Gulfstream Park and Hialeah Park in Florida. 

Joe Ultraness More than 1 year ago
I think Vic has been blackballed and no one is talking about it. While he was Joel's agent there was rumors that he was given Joel position on other horses while calling the races. Shortly after that he quit and never was involved with racing from what I saw.
Jim Prignano More than 1 year ago
I don't understand why this guy doesn't have a major gig. He has one of the great voices for calling races.
mikey J More than 1 year ago
TVG definitely needs to develop some Horseracing/Handicapping shows. Fans really need some help and more exposure to the game on television. HRTV was headed in the right direction. I really hope to see some of those shows on TVG in the near future. Also PLEASE bring back Peter Lurie his knowledge and enthusiasm for the game was second to none and it came across on air......
mikey J More than 1 year ago
AV Great TV Talent terrible handicapper
Nathan More than 1 year ago
18 stewards under contract? All ex jocks? Bet they have never read the rules of racing. Useless sacks of %##×÷=!.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anybody know the current whereabouts of Aaron Veracruse? I really miss "Against the Odds" and "The Edge" since TVG swallowed up HRTV. Well, I guess that's progress.
Craig Bradshaw More than 1 year ago
ka veloza More than 1 year ago
My second best race caller after Tom Durkin. Vic-miss your great calls. Al (V&R)
_______________________ _________________________ More than 1 year ago
Timing is suspect isn't it? No one just "quits" their job to spend time with their family when he is officiating all kinds of basketball and softball games when clearly racing is the passion. I know sports officiating isn't beating out announcing, so does he plan to quit that too for the family? When he was at HOL, from what I saw on another racing web board/website, he was flying down each week to call races. San Fran to LAX isn't a breeze with security, car traffic, etc. While I somewhat enjoy a Vic call, something lurks in the shadows and he is going somewhere for sure. I just don't buy the excuse nor do I like the "quit" thing during the GG race meet when they end in 8 weeks.
Walter More than 1 year ago
I think Vic called races at Haw for a season or two in the mid 90s?
grayposse More than 1 year ago
Can only see 1 possible reason for this: Welcome to Woodbine/Canada Vic.
Ken Wiener More than 1 year ago
Interesting thought!
wayne haehner More than 1 year ago
agreed he ego is monstrous--he is heading to Woodbine to announce
Chuck Berger More than 1 year ago
I think Vic would be a good replacement for Dan Loiselle at Woodbine. I've really enjoyed Dan's work at Woodbine these many years. Vic would fit in nicely. Hope he gets the gig.
Craig Mathews More than 1 year ago
more likely he goes to the no. California fairs. Miramadi is going to Monmouth. Los al is open too for July and September. Miramadi won't be there either