07/10/2012 7:08PM

Union Rags hurt, done for the year

Adam Coglianese/NYRA
Union Rags, seventh in the Kentucky Derby, rebounded to win the Belmont Stakes.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Belmont Stakes winner Union Rags has sustained a minor tendon injury in his left front leg and will miss the remainder of the 2012 racing season, according to Russell Jones, a close longtime advisor to the colt's owner and breeder, Phyllis Wyeth.

Jones, who was attending the Fasig-Tipton July yearling sale here on Tuesday, said he heard about the injury from Union Rags' trainer, Michael Matz.

"Mrs. Wyeth is currently evaluating his future plans," Jones said in a handwritten statement. "We will have a statement describing further the injury from Dr. Kathy Anderson at Fair Hill in the morning."

Union Rags, by Dixie Union, was a disappointing seventh behind winner I'll Have Another in the Kentucky Derby after a troubled trip. But he rebounded to win the Belmont for Wyeth's Chadds Ford Stable. Earlier this year, he won the Fountain of Youth and finished third in the Florida Derby. At 2 last season he won the Champagne Stakes and the Saratoga Special.

Union Rags is out of the Gone West mare Tempo.

Brenda Flinn More than 1 year ago
Please refer to Belmont Stakes winner Union Rags before reciting background information. He is the 2012 winner of a most difficult and prestigious leg of the Triple Crown, and he won under a brilliant ride by jockey John Velasquez. Any lesser writing is unbecoming of this great horse. Thank you.
t More than 1 year ago
Quit racing at 2 years old 3 year olds would have a whole calendar year and 5 months to prep for Kentucky Derby Triple Crown Races will be for 4 year olds start this next year Bodemeister could get his triple crown problem solved
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
Best idea ive heard (and im 79 yrs old-) LOLK_DS
Douglas Rutherford More than 1 year ago
I truly like seeing a great colt retire after his 3yr old career ends for breeding . Wouldnt you like to retire right when you had graduated ! Be honest . If a great colt like ( ILL HAVE ANOTHER ) can be sold for $10 Million - why not then ! Dont we ALL work for retirement pay benifits " good grief people" wake up - and stop thinking of only your-self . ILL HAVE ANOTHER will be in luxery for the rest of his career . Same as many of these other fine colts . BODEMEISTER will be headed to Win Star Farms soon as well ! UNION RAGS will be headed for retirement as well . I truly like this idea . ( There are Plenty ) of colts and fillies that have not made the grade ( Just Like Us In Life ) where we have to work for aliving ! These horses are good enough to keep our racing alive . There is no need to start knocking Owners / Trainers / Horses - just because of retirement ! ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION - if someone was to come to your door-step and offer you ( 5 Million In Cash ) tax free - "Would You Take The Offer" ...................................... and would you seriosly ( Work Another Day ) honestly ........................ I think 99.9% of all of us would retire in a split second . So , I really think people just need to stop thinking so much of them-self - and just enjoy the horse racing that we have . Its actually not woth all the Risk trying to bring backa colt or filly after an injury : and here is the thing as well - hardly ever better than before : then the next comments will be , well this colt / filly wasnt that gret anyways ! So ya see - its a never ending story to all . Fans are the ones with so much Greed and Foolishness . Become a hrse owner your-self . Put that shoes on your feet . See what path you woul take ! You would be surprised in how fast life changes a train of thought . ILL HAVE ANOTHER : bought for $35,000 - had offers of 3 M - 5 M - 9 M - and sold this colt for 10 M ! Now what is the problem here ! In the United States - ILL HAVE ANOTHER would not have even earned that amount thru his whole breeding career ! I am all for Great colts retirement at the age of 3 ! I do not have to see SUPERSTARS out on the race track on a daily basis . Besides - everyone that goes to the track to bet and watch - just pay close attention to what races you are bettng on - Does it really matter ! No ! ( Here is my problem ) in racing that I DO NOT LIKE - ( Belmont Park ) Wednesday 4th race #10 SILVER TIMBER .................... This horse should have been retired a long time ago . I guess I have too much Love and Respect for these thoroughbreds . These horses that have been winning in G1 G2 G3 and then start tailing off - I just think its very DESERVING to ( Give Back ) the greatfullness that each one of these thorbreds have given to us - instead of racing them till they drop ! That is one thing I would change in racing . I realize some horses just love it at the track - well they can always start doing what LAVA MAN does Owners / Trainers really need to start looking into our racing in a better ( Way of LIFE ) . Its truly an all WIN situation
Sean Ali More than 1 year ago
Don't know how long you've been around the sport Doug. But you are obviously clueless about the thrill and excitement of following the 'great ones', horses like Slew, Affirmed, and The Bid through careers of 15, 20, 30 starts, that those like myself were fortunate enough to see. Can you imagine the emotional attachment of following those horses through championship 2, 3 and 4 year old seasons, two of them including Triple Crowns? Probably not, right? You don't seem to have an appreciation for, or even an understanding of that aspect of the sport. I feel sorry for racing fans today. Not only because it seems more and more unlikely that they will ever see a TC winner, but even if they did, it would be over all too soon.
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
Agreed-I saw Ohlaverry The Grey in middle of the track win the 56 cap SA +crazy kid at hp broke world record, john canty-tr.+so on Those Were The Days-LOLK_DS
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
Make That-1946-(sry-CRS-lolk-DS
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
doug oniell-LOVES Lava man,doing it right-nuff said-lolk-DS
Backstretch More than 1 year ago
From the newsletter put out by Backstretch on; http://backstretchtalks.blogspot.com/ Another item I want to mention concerns the breeding of our horses. There has been a lot said about the breeding of speedy and fragile horses in this country which results in the breakdown of so many good horses. Recently I have been looking at the pedigrees of some foreign horses, especially the English and Irish runners. What I have noticed is that the foreign horses are more inbred than the American horses and bred to the same lines for the most part. When I look at most of our good ones I see they are inbred or linebred to the Nearco and Raise A Native lines time after time. I also see the same thing but to a greater extent in the English and Irish horses. So the question becomes; Why don't they suffer the breakdowns that ours do? In my opinion it is the fact that we run most of our races on dirt where as they run their horses on grass plus they don't use lasix. I believe the footing is more stable to a horse when running on turf. Naturally I can't prove what I am saying because it's only my opinion but I think if we did away with dirt racing most of the breakdowns would disappear. I don't know the stats but I would venture to say that even when our turf horses break down a good portion of them break down training on dirt. When speaking of artificial tracks the talk usually doesn't mention the different types of synthetics but kind of lump them all together. Personally, I have never read bad reports about the Tapeta tracks of which we have two, Golden Gate and Presque Isle. I have played those tracks and they seem to be very fair without the closing bias of the others. I did read a couple of articles about PID in which the horseman and jockeys had nothing but praise for it. I think what I would like to see is many more tracks installing Tapeta, as the Arabs did, and running our races on that and grass. I really don't think our breeding is the reason for the injuries being experienced. All this is just my opinion and I'm not trying to convince anyone but it's something to think about. Backstretch
thomas j More than 1 year ago
Here is an article that should not surprise anyone. Copy and paste. http://deadspin.com/5925057/our-race-horses-are-broken-america
mrm More than 1 year ago
Nothing new there.
Gerald Sabo More than 1 year ago
Shame, bet by the end of the year they will send him to Stud.
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
Would you send a 7 or 8 year old child to stud? That's about the equivalent.
Lucifer More than 1 year ago
Bummer, what a grand looking colt along with Bode, Dullahan, Payter and IHA. Looks like Haskell will be Bafferts once again.,...
Ange More than 1 year ago
The frustrating thing will be that this horse will get huge offers to stand at stud in the US, unlike IHA who has to be deported! Even Bodemeister gets to stand in the US and he won what? 1 maiden allowance & 1 grade 1, that's it! Crazy.
mrm More than 1 year ago
Very simple. Better breeding, better looking, brilliance at 2,classic winner at three.
KeenelandCapper More than 1 year ago
bode never ran as 2yo...
mrm More than 1 year ago
I'm talking about Union Rags which the article is about.
Meydan Rocks More than 1 year ago
And what of Sunday Silence. Terrible breeding, Yes?
mrm More than 1 year ago
Nothing is for certain when it comes to breeding but Union Rags on paper is a better stallion prospect and would be supported by the right breeders. Only time will tell.
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
What About CIGAR on paper??-lolk_DS
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
so far that is
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
But hes not retired -YET-it is sad to see these 3 yr olds Going Gone(lets make triple crown for 4 yr olds)-LOLK_DS
Jimmy More than 1 year ago
No big loss to racing talentwise here. This colt is mediocre at best. My only regret is the money I'll not rake in betting against him the rest of the year. Put him out to stud, save his legs and the embarresment of a losing 4 yr old season.
Rob More than 1 year ago
Jimmy I was thinking the same thing he was a bet against the rest of the year. I about laughed out loud when they said they were sending him to the Haskell as we all know "plodders don't do well there" He will not be back give it a month we will all read the story. Bob in PA
Grass Is Greener More than 1 year ago
Obviously betting on horse racing is not in your calling. If you bet Union Rags in every race that he runs in, you would have a lot to show for: - for 2011: $7.68 average ROI in 4 races based on $2 wager - for 2012: $2.98 average ROI in 4 races based on $2 wager Can you even name another horse that can be as good to your wallet as Union Rags? In comparison, Bodemeister's average ROI is $2.27 so far in 2012 based on $2, and Paynter's is $1.00 which means you would half your money betting him to win in every race so far in 2012.
unmarx1 More than 1 year ago
do u think Bode and Paynter will run against each other in the Travers? who would u favor if they did? would it depend on the jocks chosen?
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
?????-Baffert listed M.Garcia on one of his horses at del mar sun.-does he see the light??>-lolk-DS
Mooch J More than 1 year ago
If you bet a certain hose every time you are a race fan, if you bet just when they look good (in a spot) you are a gambler/handicapper. ROI would be out the door on this logic huh?
Jerry More than 1 year ago
ROB YOU wouldn t know what a plodder is if one hit you in the forehead...ur had terriffic acceleration and turn of foot ..see his two yr old race at belmont or in the fla derby when he got out of the box the other jockey put him in.... look up the definition of ploooddder...take a nap.....
mrm More than 1 year ago
Mediocre? You obviously don't know the meaning of the word.
Dave Schuler More than 1 year ago
Bode Would Have Beat him( Mediocre Is The Word )Now Lets See If He Can produce Better Than He Ran-lolk-DS
chad mc rory More than 1 year ago
We GOTTA stop allowing pressure on two year olds. The rules of Nature have been tampered with for far too long. Do NOT start them until September, limit them to three starts at no longer than 5 furlongs and remove them from that Breeders Cup Mess. Let these young Colts and Fillies have their third year of life for development , Yes we can have a nice schedule of races for them BUT write the Kentucky Derby and the other Triple Crown races for four year olds. We HAVE tampered with Mother Nature and She ain't Happy. Ms Wyeth should go on and retire Rags. He's done enough.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If 2 year olds must run I think they should run longer distances. Sprints put a lot of pressure on them. Your more likely to have a Derby horse emerge from the 1 1/16 mile turf races at Saratoga than any of the sprints they run on dirt. I think the BC Juvenile Sprint must go and the other juvenile races should be 1 1/8 miles. Make it more about endurance.
Milton Malla More than 1 year ago
Chad... I posted this earlier, take a moment to read it again. I agree with you entirely in the fact of running a horse as a two year is not in the best interest of the horse or racing as a whole. You might have noticed me in the HG blogs, that I have uncovered a correllation between Thoroughbreds and Biorhythms. I know it's a tough idea to grasp but hear me out. I've written a book in 2005 and have sent it worldwide and on page 18 of my book, " How to develop your own ­Biovalhorse&qu­ot; I outline how the biorhythmic cycles apply to the Thoroughbred. Let's vision the foal date of "the horse" to be 02/15/2010, the ­"cycles&q­uot; outline the final workout before his FIRST race to be 07/29/2012. Most horses with shown ability have raced a few times by then. The FIRST RACE is outlined to be on 08/03/2012. The preparations for the Breeders Cup races is in full bloom and is the most destructive invention to producing quality racehorses for the long haul. My book has the Biovalhorse Charts which outline ALL of the biorhythmic cycles from two to ten years old, and walks anyone through the horse's entire career.
Sean Ali More than 1 year ago
What I'm having trouble understanding is why the increase in breakdowns and injuries in the last 10 - 20 years? Horses have always run on dirt, they have always run at 2. In fact, the best old school trainers would tell you how important a solid 2 year old foundation was to be able to handle the rigors of the TC. There is something in the mix that wasn't there before. These would be my 2 main points of focus : 1) Training. In particular, the ludicrous commercial venture of 2 year olds in training, the break neck speed at which young horses are forced to develop for the sales rings. Two year old's race in Europe, but they are brought along slowly and given the required time to develop. 2) The problem of meds / drugs use and abuse. I've already said quite enough on that subject. But the bottom line is that there is money to be made, lots of it, and those in power are quite content to have things remain just as they are.
James More than 1 year ago
There has been a two year old champion horse since 1886. This is not a recent development.