08/05/2001 11:00PM

Two winners without a dead heat


EDMONTON, Alberta - Ever hear of two horses getting winner's shares from the same race without a dead heat?

It happened at Northlands Park after an appeal was upheld.

In a decision worthy of King Solomon, the appeal tribunal of the Alberta Racing Corporation has created two winners instead of upholding the disqualification of an alleged offending horse.

The interests of Klondike Trail, who had finished third, claimed foul against the 6-5 favorite, Robnroy, the first horse across the finish line in an allowance race July 11. The stewards disqualified Robnroy, placing him third behind River Wild and Klondike Trail.

Robnroy's interests then appealed the decision, and the appeal tribunal reversed the stewards' decision, declaring that Klondike Trail would be relegated to his original third-place finish. The tribunal, however, also ruled that Robnroy and River Wild would each receive full first-place money.

Who pays for the duplication of the win money?

"Don't ask," retorted the presiding steward, Conrad Dick, who had originally disqualified Robnroy. "But I know the HBPA isn't happy about paying the extra winner's share."