09/07/2010 11:31AM

Two Quarter Horse trainers suspended for drug violations at Prairie Meadows


Two Prairie Meadows Quarter Horse trainers have been summarily suspended for positive tests for Class 1 substances. The summary suspension is used by the board of stewards when it is felt that the circumstances of a violation compromise the public health, safety, or welfare.

Trainer Robert Dimitt’s horse, Stoli Signature, which finished second in the seventh race on Aug. 13, tested positive for the Class 1 substance Picrotoxin. Picrotoxin is a central nervous system stimulant commonly used to counteract barbiturate poisoning.

Trainer Bonifacio Almanza’s horse, Nesquick, which finished second in the third race on Aug. 21, tested positive for the Class 1 substance Mephentermine. Mephentermine is a stimulant commonly used to increase blood pressure when an individual is in shock, has trauma injuries, or during surgery.

Class 1 substances have high potential to affect performance and have no legitimate use in equine medicine. The recommended penalty for a first Class 1 offense is a one-year suspension and a $10,000 fine.