06/26/2008 12:00AM

Two horses killed on highway


Two horses were killed when they were hit by a truck on a highway near River Downs early Wednesday morning. Eddie McGrath, a 5-year-old trained by Israel Sostre, and Airhead Harry, a 3-year-old trained by Leroy Simon, were killed when they ran head on into a pickup truck.

Sostre heard the two horses fighting in the early hours of the morning. Both had broken their webbing and were at the end of the shed row. "I walked around the corner and tried to catch them, but they went flying by," said Sostre.

The two stallions began racing each other and ended up on a four-lane highway that runs along the Ohio River and were struck by the pickup at about 2:30 a.m., according to the sheriff's department. The driver of the pickup was treated for minor injuries and released.