01/16/2007 12:00AM

Turfway rebuffs Houghton


The 10 riders recently banned at tracks in Florida and Pennsylvania will not be allowed to ride at Turfway Park, according to Bob Elliston, president of Turfway.

Elliston said Tuesday that in separate discussions with Heriberto Rivera, a Jockeys' Guild representative, and Terry Houghton, a rider who was barred from Tampa Bay Downs in December, he advised the banned riders not to seek mounts at the track. None of the riders has attempted to ride at Turfway.

Elliston issued the advisement after consulting with the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau, a racetrack-owned security unit whose investigation has been cited for the banning of 10 jockeys at Tampa Bay Downs, Calder Race Course, and Philadelphia Park, he said.

"I called up the TRPB and they provided me with some additional confidential information, and it was our determination that until the investigation has run its course, we would not let them ride," Elliston said.

Houghton's attorney, Will Knight, said Tuesday that Houghton sought out Turfway's opinion because many tracks honor bans issued by other tracks. Houghton is currently not riding.

"I don't know if there's a track that is going to allow him to ride," Knight said. "It's something where he'd rather ask these tracks if they'll let him ride prior to going there and seeking mounts."

The investigation includes, in part, several races at Great Lakes Downs run in the summer of 2006, according to officials with knowledge of the case. Very little else about the investigation has been divulged since the jockeys were banned in December.