12/07/2010 7:16PM

Turf Paradise changes some live/simulcast days


Turf Paradise has reshuffled its live/simulcast schedule for the remainder of the meet, though the track will retain its 156 days of live racing.

What had been scheduled to be a live racing card on Wednesday, Dec. 22, has been changed to a simulcast-only day.

The live racing cards of Sunday Jan. 9, 16, and 23 become simulcast-only. The Wednesday simulcast cards of Jan. 12 and 26 have been changed to live racing programs.

The simulcast card of Wednesday, Feb. 9, will now be a live race day, while Wednesday, Feb. 23 will change from a live race card to simulcast only.

There are no changes in March, but Wednesday, April 27, will move from a simulcast day to a live racing card, and Tuesday, May 3, will change from a simulcast day to live racing card.