12/16/2004 12:00AM

Turf Paradise barns raided


Investigators with the Arizona Department of Racing and the Department of Public Safety raided several barns at Turf Paradise in Phoenix on Wednesday, confiscating undisclosed substances from seven of them, according to the director of the track's racing department, Geoffrey Gonsher.

Citing an ongoing investigation, Gonsher would not identify the drugs that were found or the trainers whose barns were raided, but said the drugs would qualify as controlled substances. Approximately 15 barns were searched, Gonsher said.

"Most of the products, if properly prescribed and administered, would not be an issue," Gonsher said. "But because these products were brought into the country illegally, and because they were being sold under the counter, and because they were not being properly administered or prescribed, they were of issue."

Gonsher also said that an arrest warrant had been issued for a licensee, but he would not identify the person or his or her occupation.