11/05/2014 4:19PM

Travis Stone hired as backup announcer

Bill Denver/Equi-Photo
Travis Stone (above) will back up John Imbriale in the NYRA announcer's booth.

OZONE PARK, N.Y. – Travis Stone, the race-caller at Monmouth Park, has been hired by the New York Racing Association to be the backup announcer to John Imbriale.

Stone will call the races this Sunday and Monday as well as Nov. 16 and Nov. 19-23. He also will call on days when Imbriale is ill or on vacation.

When not calling, Stone will work in various departments at NYRA, including operations, simulcasting, and television. Stone will remain the announcer at Monmouth Park.

Stone’s hiring coincides with the 35th anniversary of Imbriale’s first day at NYRA.

P H More than 1 year ago
This is why any "real" announcer in the business will NEVER get a shot. Larry Collmus and Travis Stone are best friends. This is the only reason why he got the job here, at MTH and LAD! Furthermore, Larry is a joke of a race caller and the only reason why he got famous was because of his one call at MTH. Other than that it's the same call over and over and he tries to shout over the crowd when he calls the big races especially on NBC. Travis lucked out hitting it off with Larry because this has been an "all Larry" production. It truly makes me sick that I hear better guys out there not getting a chance due to who you know. People like Michael Wrona (GGF), Robert Geller (EMD/SUN), Mark Johnson (Former CD), Kurt Becker (KEE), Keith Nelson (ELP) and even a couple of backup callers I have heard could easily outclass this decision. Just another NYRA made up position. Who the hell hires a backup for a backup!? Larry should be calling the races full time for NYRA and not this "I'll take the winter off B/S" P.S. Dave Johnson got out of the business early on (80s) because he knew what drama there is in the race calling world and made much more money doing voiceovers and helping finance Broadway plays according to his own words in "They Call The Races"
tommy More than 1 year ago
It's about time they give someone a chance to have work. They should eventually move him up to full time as a promotion. I hope they give out more trainer license out to give people a chance to put their horse at the track
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Why did they not contact Dave Johnson. He's not too busy and can fill in. "And down the stretch the come" !!
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
I hope this is not the end of John Imbraile. He's been a good second caller for 30 years, solid calls. I'm not so impressed with Travis. Just basic calls and clearly a second level caller.
riddick More than 1 year ago
what's his signature call? As long as he DOES NOT Sound like that guy from the Meadows I'm cool
mikey More than 1 year ago
This guy has a has 2 great jobs NYRA in the winter and Monmouth on the weekends.NYRA will have him selling hot dogs if they need him.
Jim Syoen More than 1 year ago
Ian Clayton from Jersey is also available,....he is excellent.
Tim Wells More than 1 year ago
Once again Ted Heinz is forgotten . New York's Loss is Miami Valleys Gain
Richard More than 1 year ago
Hope he avoids announcing ( a la Imbriale ) : " ...... Is looking to go wire to wire " as we see a horse doing just that . Re-stating the obvious is neither informative or entertaining.
william More than 1 year ago
he shouldn't restate what is happening? You sound like a frustrated gambler, Big Ricky