09/23/2016 12:30PM

Trainer Miyadi arrested after allegedly shoving Solis at Santa Anita


ARCADIA, Calif. – Trainer Steve Miyadi was arrested by the Arcadia, Calif., police department at Santa Anita on Friday after an early-morning altercation with jockey Alex Solis.

Solis and witnesses said Miyadi and Solis had a disagreement over a recent 30-day suspension Miyadi served for a medication violation found in one of his runners in December. Solis is a commissioner on the California Horse Racing Board.

The disagreement escalated when Miyadi shoved Solis, knocking him to the ground, Solis said.

Solis said he was not injured but that he planned to file assault charges against Miyadi.

“I could have broken my hand,” Solis said.

The incident occurred at Clocker’s Corner, a popular morning gathering spot for horsemen and racing fans.

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Solis, who was at Santa Anita on Friday morning for workouts, said he informed Santa Anita security of the incident. Shortly after 7 a.m., Miyadi was taken from the track in an Arcadia police department squad car. A police spokesman said Miyadi was scheduled to be released Friday morning and that he could face misdemeanor charges for the incident.

Miyadi was fined $5,000 and served a 30-day suspension from Aug. 7 to Sept. 5 after Run for Retts tested positive for the prohibited substances methamphetamine and amphetamine in the $100,500 Soviet Problem Stakes at Los Alamitos last December.

The penalties were part of a stipulated agreement between Miyadi and the CHRB reached during the summer. Miyadi, 59, was suspended 180 days, but 150 days of the suspension were stayed provided he does not violate the terms of the agreement. One aspect of the agreement stated that Miyadi cannot have any positives for medications in classes 1, 2, or 3 for a one-year period, beginning Aug. 7.

Quite a More than 1 year ago
CHRB suspended Miyadi again after being arrested for shoving Solis today.. Let's backtrack a bit. Solis and his agent dropped by the Miyadi barn looking for business. Miyadi and I quote him, per 9/23/16 BH article, says: "I said 'Alex, how can I ride you when you gave me a 30-day suspension?" To which Solis replied: "I don't know anything about your suspension.". Solis is a CHRB Exec Board Member not connected in any way to the Miyadi suspension. The Del Mar Stewards issued the suspension and signed off on it 7/21/16. Miyadi then concludes Solis is lying and states: "When he lied about that, then I got mad. The hotwalkers know about my suspension. If you don't know anything about that, you should resign from the CHRB." Solis then takes offense when Miyadi starts shouting expletives at him. He then according to Miyadi, Solis then "bellied up" to him causing Miyadi to shove him and claim: " If someone got arrested every time that happened in the NBA, there wouldn't be any players left." So there in a nutshell is what occurred..

Conflict of interest by Solis riding and a CHRB member on this matter? None.. Solis had zero to do with the Miyadi suspension. Rude or inappropriate of Solis soliciting business from Miyadi? Unless you determine that Alex Solis should not approach any trainer who has ever been fined or suspended, no. Miyadi could have simply told Alex and his agent that he had no business for him. Instead he projects his reprimand on to Solis in an insulting, accusatory and physical manner. Solis blindsided by the accusations did react, IMO, inappropriately. Did his reaction merit a shove to the ground? IMO, no.. Miyadi deserves another suspension. One which will get the point across to him that making false accusations, shouting expletives and physically assaulting and individual will not be tolerated. An anger management course wouldn't her the guy either...
victoreconomico More than 1 year ago
Quite a, the story is different. Alex Solis did a citizens arrest which anyone can do. It happened at clockers corner not the Miyadi barn. If you read the article 9/23/16 the one your talking about Solis talks really bad about him and as a member of the CHRB you arn't allowed to be impartial and say bad things about someone to the press. Once again the CHRB oversees the BOS. There is a conflict of interest when your a jockey talking trash to the press on 9/23/16 and then having the power to make decisions against a trainer you admit you don't care for. One again under CA STAND YOUR GROUND SELF DEFENSE you have the right to create space between an aggressive jockey with a potential weapon [helmet] and yourself.
Joel Firsching More than 1 year ago
How should a cheat react when you throw 30 days in his face ?  Duh.     We are calling cops for a shove ???   Take it easy on your wine, solis.   Step on a grape and it will let out a little whine.
Jack Armstead More than 1 year ago

Frank... you obviously have some vested interest in this dispute.  No one says the childish things you've written here without some ulterior motive.  Here's a few multiple facts regarding "Motive."

a.) Miyadi's horse tests "Positive" for both methamphetamine and amphetamine in the Soviet Problem last December at Los Al.  This is a horrible image any sport... let alone horse racing.

b.) The CHRD gives him a "gift" punishment of waiving 150 of a 180 day suspension (provided his stable remains "clean" beginning in August of this year for one full year).

c.) Miyadi outweighs Solis by at least 40 pounds (from a photo I found where he's being interviewed by a female who is the same height).  Solis still rides, so I know he can't weigh more than 120 lbs.

d.) There were obviously witnesses to this altercation for the Police to arrest Miyadi for attacking Solis.  If there were no witnesses, the police wouldn't come, unless; there was "proof" of an assault.

So Frank... which of the above "facts" are you saying justified Miyadi's behavior to knock Solis down?  What could Solis have possibly said to Miyadi... that should offend him any more than his own prior bad acts and physical advantages?

This happened at Clocker's Corner (witnesses) sometime between 5-7:00 AM.  Solis reported the incident to track security (who then obviously called the Police) and Miyadi was in custody at approx. 7:00 AM. 

Frank... you either owe Solis a "public apology," or; confess to your motives for writing such childish nonsense on DRF

Frank More than 1 year ago
Jack - I have no motive -- I dont like Miyadi or Solis -- I believe most all humans in this sport are gutter garbage as I've consistently said in many posts.

my only beef is how americans flood and overuse our legal system with childish small scuffles like this -- its a joke!

John Agnello More than 1 year ago
What a stupid thing to say Frank. I'm willing to bet that the pedalstile that you sit upon passing judgement on other humans was homemade. It must be wonderful being you. LOL
victoreconomico More than 1 year ago
Jack, The answer to D is it was a citizens arrest . Had nothing to do with witnesses when a person calls the police with a misdeamenor such as battery the police must witness so Solis did a citizens arrest which Miyadi could have done the same. There doesn't have to be any proof.
Frank More than 1 year ago
Solis is the weak coward american that this country is producing now -- and he is not even from here!

stand up for yourself be a man and deal with minor situations like this -- the cops and law have bigger issues to deal with -- they are not your little personal mommy!
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Frank, what  "land" is Miyadi from ?  Sounds like the middle East.  Way too many bad drug tests to even be in racing.  Frank, go back to your land if you don't like civil people.
Frank More than 1 year ago
Bruce - my land is america and I will always fight for my freedom -- I dont care where Miyadi is from Solis is a sissy that cant stick for himself -- sounds like a CA liberal -- are you also?  if so - dont talk to me again ;)
Bruce Epstein More than 1 year ago
Frank, watch out for tornadoes, they hit trailer parks first.

Leslie Navarro More than 1 year ago
First of all, Alex is a first class person and for you people that don't know serving on the board is a voluntary position.  As far as Miyadi, he has had so many bad tests he is not allowed to register horses with the Jockey Guild so before you all run your mouths know your facts. 
victoreconomico More than 1 year ago
A first class person who is a member of the CHRB isn't allowed to talk trash about a trainer to the press because he's supposed to be impartial. It seems as though you have been living in your car and need a good nights sleep .
Richard Glassman More than 1 year ago
Miyadi wasn't arrested by the Arcadia Police Department it was a citizens arrest by Solis. Miyadi should have also had Solis arrested.
Leslie Navarro More than 1 year ago
Why because Miyadi is a stupid hothead? Do you actually know what you are talking about you idiot? 
Todd Elliot More than 1 year ago
Miyadi might get life for their was no injury and because of that, he should lose his home through attorney fees defending the shove.
Kaila Hardy More than 1 year ago
I think Mr Miyagi  (get it) and solis should wrestle in jello to settle this dispute.  That's the only fair way to do it nowadays in america....Alex, you pick the flavor of jello. 
Frank More than 1 year ago
Ahhhhh Solis called his mommy because he could of broke his hand -- and he also called DRF to have my posts removed because I was being a bully.....hahahahahahahahah!

Solis you are a weak punk! 
Larry Sterne More than 1 year ago
Frank your mommy didn't teach you how to be a man. Insulting is not the of warriors  only someone. that likes to bully 
Frank More than 1 year ago
Larry my parents taught me to stick up for myself and if someone just pushes me I push back -- not call the law and be a coward stupid citizens that misuses the law to fight my little battles...
clark More than 1 year ago
So you're a name caller Gregory. Well once again if you're in an argument and it doesn't end up the way you like then maybe you shouldn't get in an argument.  Doesn't matter if you're a good jock a bad jock a good person or bad person don't start something you can't finish .