05/16/2012 6:03PM

Trainer Jamie Ness on a tremendous hot streak


Trainer Jamie Ness has been on a tremendous roll of late, winning with 22 of 28 starters between Saturday, May 5 and Wednesday’s fourth race at Delaware Park.

Ness’s winners have come at Delaware, Pimlico, Penn National, Presque Isle Downs, and with his final starter of the recently concluded Tampa Bay Downs meet, at which he was the runaway leading trainer. Ness sent out 79 winners from 168 starters at the Tampa meet. The second-leading trainer, Gerald Bennett, had 32 winners.

Ness has had two long recent winning streaks. He won with eight straight starters May 10-12 at Delaware, Pimlico, and Penn National. Ness then won with five straight starters between May 12-16 at Delaware, Penn National, and Presque Isle.

During a period from May 10-16 Ness won with 17 of 19 starters. His five-race winning streak was broken Wednesday when one of his runners finished third in the fifth race at Delaware. Ness had three more horses entered to run later on Wednesday.

Coming into Wednesday’s race, Ness was the leading trainer in the country with 166 wins. He trains primarily for Midwest Thoroughbreds Inc.

Jamie Ness's hot streak

Date Horse Track Race Finish
May 16 Gottahope Delaware 5 3rd
May 16 Uncle Todd Delaware 4 1st
May 16 Vegas Wedding Delaware 2 1st
May 15 Mohawk Magic Presque Isle 8 1st
May 14 Guam Typhoon Delaware 8 1st
May 12 Sugadadeze Penn National 7 1st
May 12 Tribal Mistress Penn National 5 2nd
May 12 Rachel the Model Penn National 1 1st
May 12 Tapis Magique Pimlico 10 1st
May 12 No Crossing Lane Delaware 4 1st
May 12 Country Chic Pimlico 4 1st
May 12 El Deirdre Pimlico 2 7th
May 12 Graysonia Delaware 1 1st
May 11 Lady of Greatness Penn National 5 1st
May 11 Citizen Cat Penn National 2 1st
May 11 My Charming Clyde Pimlico 8 1st
May 11 High Cry Pimlico 7 1st
May 11 Gray Bones Pimlico 4 1st
May 11 Ridge Armour Pimlico 2 1st
May 10 Italian Nany Penn National 4 1st
May 10 King Bee Penn National 2 6th
May 10 Palo Duro Canyon Pimlico 9 5th
May 10 Joepaul'streasure Pimlico 2 1st
May 9 Escort Penn National 4 1st
May 9 Sing It Again Penn National 2 1st
May 6 Tripp O Steel Pimlico 10 6th
May 6 Calius Pimlico 8 1st
May 6 Flavor Pimlico 7 7th
May 5 Ten Past Ten Tampa Bay 10 1st


Jennifer Lewis More than 1 year ago
You all are just jealous Jamie Ness is a great trainer and I would love to shake his hand and meet him he's number 1
Marv Goldberg More than 1 year ago
hey anonymous aint never going to happen they will catch him and there are 30 traines at tampa that cant wait and i am sure there are trainers at Penn national Delaware ,Prescott Isle Downes and laurel that will be just as pleased to see this bad appple go
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Marv.......Please tell me where is your proof. If you know it than why don't the state vets know too. Or maybe they are part of the cover up along with the state stewards. I'm not saying you may be right but please, if you really have something than bring it or move on to something else. Is this court of opinion guilty until proven otherwise? I personally think Ness is very good at what he does and I think he operates within the rules. That's my opinion and I will say I could be wrong but lets prove it first, not just accuse.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Show me a trainer who doesn't use medication these days. If it's legal, they use it and there are some who do go over the edge. Iseen Jamie's work for the past six years at Tampa and the same things that are being commented here are muttered there. Bottom line is the same things have been said about Assmussen, Bobbie Frankel when he first started training out in California and several others who went on to become trainers of Champions. Jamie has not yet reached the level of the aformentioned because he has not had the opportunity to train and manage the pressures of a real quality thoroughbred. That will tell us what he is made of when, and if that day comes. He might be the next guy you see on Saturday afternoon saddleing horse in a suit instead of a tee shirt and shorts.
Marv Goldberg More than 1 year ago
why do you think Parx and Monmouth won't let him in you should read up on this ITPP it is interesting how it works ,all of the horses from Midwest throughbreds uses it ,the problem is it cost alot and not too many can afford too buy it . the only tracks where it is not tested is where he runs , theylove him at Tampa they say he is better than the top trainers in the country
Dennis Geier More than 1 year ago
Robin Dawson More than 1 year ago
With all due respect, this is what's got to go. I know some people will say that you have to have medication to enable cheap horses to run, but tapping them from head to toe and juicing them up to the eyeballs is not and should not be what horse racing is about. In an ideal world, there would be a Grade 1 circuit with no medication, and then, perhaps, a B circuit for horses that can't make it at the top level. But, even then, the threshold should be such that no horse drops down to a level where he's just a piece of meat being exploited by some unscrupulous opportunist...I won't embarrass true horsemen by calling such practitioners, as Ness, trainers.
chuck More than 1 year ago
Obviously someone knows something. A lab may test for three or five different stimulants or pain killers. If you know what they are going to test for, you use something else.
Marv Goldberg More than 1 year ago
it is hard to run your horses at these traxcks because when the enteries areposted everyone looks to see if he has a horse entered it is a very diffficult decision whether to scratch your horse or know you will be running for second place money i refuse to run at a racetrack where he has his horses stabled. i wrote to the blood horse magazine about him but they chose not to investigate the story. and all Ness is laugh all the way to the bank what a shame
chuck More than 1 year ago
Very true what you are saying. For years Tampa Bay was a gold mine for me. This past year was not. Ness won about 46% of the races he ran in.Will not try to buck the percentage against me, and will NOT bet where he races.In the mean time at other tracks his main client Midwest Stables also won at a high percentage. It would appear to me they are getting some special juice. For years New york had a number of trainers who were pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone until they finally were caught and VERY quietly ruled off. Nothing was said publicly. The powers that be did not want the public to know how much illegal doings were happening.
Marv Goldberg More than 1 year ago
this guy uses a drug called ITPP which is undetectable
Dennis Geier More than 1 year ago
Rob Beaudoin More than 1 year ago
This guy is a crook who single handidly ruined Tampa this past season. Not sure what kind of Milk Shakes he feeds his horses but enough is enough. It is not possible to win like this. He doesn't know 5 times what everybody else knows. Only a matter of time before they catch up with him. Like Mike Gill years ago this guy has got to GO!
Dennis Geier More than 1 year ago