August 03, 2017
On Whitney Day, DRF Tournaments gives players another chance to win into the $1 million, no-takeout finals of the World Championship of Handicapping. The WCH will take place online early next year and is limited to 200 entries.
August 02, 2017
Have you thought about playing in contests but just haven't pulled the trigger? Let Brent Matazinsky be an example to you. Matazinsky, a 26-year-old technical writer from Troy, N.Y., just recently started playing in contests and the early results have ...
August 01, 2017
For Wednesday and Thursday, DRF Tournaments will feature races 2-10 from Saratoga. On Saturday, DRF Tournaments gives players a chance to win in to the finals of the World Championship of Handicapping
July 31, 2017
Two more players punched their tickets to the $1 million, no-takeout World Championship of Handicapping on DRF Tournaments on Saturday. Steven Meier was best in the field of 27, earning his second $5,000 WCH seat, and Sean Taber won a seat as well.
July 27, 2017
Saturday's featured contest is the latest Grade 1 qualifier for the World Championship of Handicapping. The WCH is a championship-level, online event. Assuming full participation, the purse will be $1 million.
July 26, 2017
The new fall TV season will feature a new show sure to capture the attention of horseplayers – a reality competition called “Win Place Show” that is scheduled to debut Sept. 5 on TVG.
July 24, 2017
Pat Gianforte was the big winner on DRF Tournaments on Saturday with a win in the last-chance qualifier for the upcoming two-day Del Mar Handicapping Challenge. Gianforte wins his $7,000 seat to next weekend's live-bankroll event plus $500 in travel.
July 21, 2017
Thomas Labordo has a busy week coming up. Thanks to hitting a double on DRF Tournaments last weekend, he will be playing in the Wynn Challenge on Aug. 4-5 and then will come right back to appear in the Saratoga Betting Challenge on Aug. 9-10.
July 20, 2017
If it’s true that the early bird gets the worm, then the early bird should see its name on the DRF Tournaments leaderboard on Friday. Early birds aside, DRFT regulars need to be aware of the unusually early start time on Friday of 1 p.m. Eastern.
It's a busy weekend at DRF Tournaments with a host of qualifiers to go along with one of racing fans' favorite weekends of the year: the start of the Del Mar and Saratoga meets.