YESTERDAY February 22, 2017
Eddie Enborg is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. He’s also an accomplished contest player. Last weekend he punched his ticket for this year’s Ultimate Betting Challenge, a live-bankroll contest to be held at both Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita, via DRF ...
February 20, 2017
Five players won their way into major upcoming handicapping contests on Sunday via the DRF Tournaments platform, Edward Enborg and Evan Freedman won into the Ultimate Betting Challenge, and Ken Jordan, Martin Quinn, and Anson Clark ...
February 16, 2017
The Triple Crown prep season is heating up, and with it, the action on DRF Tournaments. This weekend, there are feeders for five major upcoming tournaments, two of which are happening right around the corner in March.
February 15, 2017
Handicapping contests weren’t exactly on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine this week, but they did manage to grace the pages therein.
February 13, 2017
Steve Turner had a weekend to remember on DRF Tournaments. He won a seat worth $7,000 to the July Del Mar Handicapping Challenge plus $500 in travel by posting a score of $91.90 in a qualifier, more than $17 clear of second-place finisher Brian Johnson.
February 10, 2017
Like many horseplayers, Jason Avila learned the game from an older relative: his grandfather. “He was retired and would go to the track almost every day,” said the 36-year-old Long Beach, Calif., resident. “I was about 5 or 6 when I first went to Santa ...
February 09, 2017
One week after adding three new contests to the lineup, DRF Tournaments is at it again: new contest feeders for Ultimate Betting Challenge, the Keeneland Grade 1 Gamble, and Monmouth's Pick Your Prize contest are available for entry now at ...
February 08, 2017
If one were to make a list of the most exhausting professions on planet Earth, training horses would be near the top. Not too far from there would be betting horses. Just ask Gary Johnson. Over the course of the last four decades, he’s done both – and ...
February 06, 2017
The Patriots weren't the only big winners over the weekend. Six players qualified for major tournament berths this weekend via DRF Tournaments.
February 03, 2017
Dan Kovalesky, fifth-place finisher in the National Handicapping Championship, knows it’s all in his head. “I try not to get too high or too low,” said the Scottsdale, Ariz., resident who grew up in Minnesota. “I think that’s a big part of having ...