11/06/2015 1:41PM

Total handle, attendance up at Belmont fall meet


All-sources handle was up while ontrack handle was down at the 2015 Belmont Park fall meet, according to statistics released Friday by the New York Racing Association.

All-sources handle for the 38-day meet, which ran Sept. 11 to Nov. 1, was $315,826,290, a 7.2 percent increase from the $294,710,551 figure for the 38-day fall meet in 2014. Ontrack handle was $39,989,451, a 6.3 percent decrease from $42,697,719.

Total attendance at the Belmont fall meet was 108,246 up, 5.5 percent from the 102,566 reported in 2014.

In 2015, there were 359 races run at the Belmont fall meet, 156 of which were conducted on turf. There were 39 races taken off the turf, 33 of which occurred during a one week period, Sept. 30 to Oct. 4. In 2014, there were 365 races run during the Belmont fall meet, including 152 on turf, with 47 scheduled grass races rained off to the main track.

NYRA reported average field size for the 2015 fall meet as 8.15 (2,927 for 359 races), compared with 7.96 (2,906 over 365 races) in 2014.

NYRA had mixed results on two of its biggest days. Total handle on Jockey Club Gold Day was $15.5 million, down 22 percent from the $19.9 million handled in 2014. Rain did mar this year’s Jockey Club Gold Cup card.

Conversely, handle on New York Showcase Day was $14.2 million, up 10.5 percent compared with $12.9 million handled in 2014.

Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
Handle would be double this amount if people believed they had a fair shot . Integrity is key.without it the sport is dead. Right now it's a few die hards betting against each other. And as they get older and drop off no one will replace them. Two young guys at the otb so who are you betting on ,the 3 replyes the other he's the speed of the race and no one else has any .an older seasoned handicapper hears this and agrees it looks almost to obvious these cro.. Jockeys Will probably not let it happen ,you will know a few steps out of the gate if the horse is under a strangle hold he won't hit the board. Sure enough said favorite does not get the lead and sure enough the jock is fighting him .he then gets the horse tucked in behind a wall of horses and you see the horse trying to go finally the jocks lets him run by taking him 6 wide around the turn and of course he runs 4th . Terrible ride says the old guy it happens better luck next time .the young guy turns to his friend and says lets get out of here I'm not giving these #*!$ anymore of my money .and another potential customer is lost forever. The sad part is that this is repeated thousands of times and nobody in the industry cares .they will defend the poor rides and make excuses for the jockeys .they will defend the trainers that are caught doping horses. How many glowing articles are written in the form about the great training accomplishments of trainers that have been caught cheating multiple times. I remember pieces defending S Assmussen after he was caught and after the peta tapes. Even a piece saying he should be in the hall of fame. Even Duthrow before he was finally kicked out had fans and apologists in the industry .
jackschil1 More than 1 year ago
Any time a favorite gets beat, for any reason, there is another longer priced horse that wins. Newbies to racing like long shots. I guess this puts a hole in your theory. After Assmussen's assistant got set up by a PETA plant, he was never prosecuted. I wonder why millionaire owners would keep giving Assmussen multi million dollar race horses like Curlin? They must be totally stupid to give a 10 million dollar horse to an animal abuser. I guess these multi-millionaires don't care at all about the way their prized possessions are treated.
Helaine More than 1 year ago
Why go to the track.They raise prices and treat the fans like dirt.NYRA has kicked the fans in the butt for years,now they wonder where they are.