05/13/2002 11:00PM

Tomlinson Distance Rating added


Daily Racing Form has added a new Tomlinson Distance Rating to the career box above each horse's past performances. The rating, based on a statistical analysis of the performance of other horses with the same pedigree influences, may prove helpful in predicting a horse's ability to handle the distance of today's race.

The new rating, which appears in parentheses after the abbreviation "Dst" in the career box, is similar to the Tomlinson wet-track and grass ratings which already appear in the box. Ratings range from 0 to 450, with a rating of around 280 considered average. A rating followed by an asterisk means the rating is based on a small data sample, usually because a sire has had a limited number of runners.

Unlike the other Tomlinson ratings, the distance rating is keyed to the distance of today's race. Races fall into one of four categories: six furlongs or shorter; over six furlongs but less than a mile; a mile or over but less than 1 1/4 miles; and 1 1/4 miles and over. Each horse has a rating, revised quarterly, in each category, and the one that appears is determined by the distance of today's race.

A fuller explanation appears in an advertisement with the Pimlico pick four past performances following the editorial section.