06/16/2003 11:00PM

TOC gives $128,000 to charity


INGLEWOOD, Calif. - The board of directors of the Thoroughbred Owners of California recently announced donations of $128,000 to 15 racing charities for the fiscal year 2002-03.

The largest donations of $20,000 went to three charities: the California Equine Retirement Foundation and Tranquility Farm, which care for retired Thoroughbreds, and the Winners Foundation, which aids people in racing with substance abuse problems.

Two other organizations that work with retired racehorses received $10,000 each - Glen Ellen Vocational Academy and the United Pegasus Foundation.

The Racetrack Chaplaincy of America also received $10,000. A donation of $12,500 went to the Racing Medical and Testing Consortium, a new national program.

The smallest donations of $1,000 went to two organizations - the Don MacBeth Memorial Jockey Fund and the National Racing Compact, a program designed to reduce licensing paperwork for horsemen.