07/29/2008 11:00PM

Timer malfunctions during Mile High trials


Due to a timer malfunction, the 10 finalists for the $114,430 Mile High Futurity for Quarter Horses on Aug. 10 were determined by a method other than fastest time in their trials.

It was discovered just after the horses left the paddock for the first trial on July 25 that the timer could not be triggered automatically. There was an 18-minute delay - with the horses remaining out on the track - as repairs were attempted, but the timer eventually had to be triggered manually. The winner of the 400-yard dash was timed in 20.541 seconds. Protests were lodged after the second trial was timed in 20.175, as horsemen with runners in the first race felt the chances of their horses had been compromised because of the long delay before the race.

After consulting with those involved, the stewards determined that the six trial winners would move on to the finals and that the other four finalists would be determined by a random draw consisting of the six second-place finishers.