12/01/2007 12:00AM

Three riders down at Hawthorne

EmailJockeys Lyndie Wade and Randy Meier both were injured in a nasty spill in Friday's third race. Wade, a 16-year-old apprentice, was knocked out, and as of about 4 p.m Central had not yet regained consciousness, according to his agent, Jay Fedor. Meier, a veteran with a long history of injuries, broke his left shoulder, according to his agent, Penny Ffitch-Heyes. Both riders were taken to Loyola Hospital in nearby Maywood.

The incident took place just before the quarter pole, as the field turned into the stretch. Wade's mount, Chestnut Gold, broke down suddenly, causing Meier's horse, Arazi Exchange, to go down. Wade was thrown hard to the outside, and appeared to be struck by two trailing horses.

In Friday's sixth race, leading rider Tim Thornton was thrown from his mount at the start. He, too, went to Loyola for X-rays and apparently injured his ribs, according to his agent, Jimmy Ernesto.