09/26/2010 6:03PM

Three New York trainers fined for herbal medicine violation


Three trainers were fined $500 and suspended seven days by the New York stewards for giving their horses herbal medications the day they were to race, which necessitated all three being scratched from their respective races. However, none of the trainers will serve any of the days provided they don’t commit another medication violation in New York during the remainder of 2010.

Trainers Faustino Ramos, Chris Englehart, and Michelle Sharp were each fined $500 for giving their horses either Air Power or Wind-Aid - classified by the stewards as similar to cough medicine despite containing all natural ingredients - on the day their horses were to race at Belmont. After being observed by New York Racing Association security personnel, the horses were scratched by the stewards. Ramos trained Banking Holiday, who was scratched out of the 10th race on Sept. 12. Englehart trained Smokin Hero, scratched from the fifth race on Sept. 16; Sharp was the trainer of Twiceasbeautiful, scratched out of the eighth race on Sept. 16.

A fourth trainer, Stanley Hough, could face the same penalty after his horse, Adios Charlie, was scratched from the seventh race on Sept. 18 for receiving an herbal medication. His case is still being reviewed.

The specific rule in question is 4043.2 which only allow antibiotics, vitamins, electrolytes and other food supplements - provided they do not exhibit drug-like actions or properties - to be given orally on race-day.

The stewards have previously said that Air Power and Wind-Aid - because they are described as similar to cough medicine - exhibit drug-like properties.