02/22/2016 3:50PM

Three jockeys fined for riding infractions

Barbara D. Livingston
Jockey Junior Alvarado

OZONE PARK, N.Y. – The stewards on Sunday fined jockey Cornelio Velasquez $1,000 for failure to ride in a professional manner in the fifth race Feb. 15. Velasquez did not maintain a straight course in the stretch on Congrats Kids, the eventual runner-up, who came over on Sky High Skylar, who finished third. The stewards, who had previously warned Velasquez about failing to maintain a straight course, did not take any action in the race.

On Saturday, the stewards fined Junior Alvarado ($3,000) and Angel Arroyo ($1,000) for failure to ride in a professional manner. Alvarado was fined for “failure to put best effort forward” on Zippity Zoom, who lost fourth by a nose in the final stride of the sixth race Feb. 12. Arroyo was fined for allowing Ima Wildcat to come over on another horse while leaving the starting gate in the seventh race Feb. 12. Arroyo had previously been warned by the stewards for similar actions on other horses.

TEDK215 More than 1 year ago
how did Ramons name get brought up in this? he was one of the greatest jockeys Ive ever seen, bar none!
Michael Jacob More than 1 year ago
these jockeys are lazy bums. they dont care about the people who bet them.
vince More than 1 year ago
Another good thing is when the stewards fine a winning jockey for infractions in a race but do not change the results of the race .
vince More than 1 year ago
I completely agree . New York racing is a joke. If you want go back to when the crook himself Ramon Dominguez career ended. Your can watch the replay and see that he was clearly stuffing his hrs in the race making sure he could not get out of traffic to avoid a win. Karma is a b though as he had it coming as he was known for dping this numerous times each week. You would think if he was a true man he could stand up and tell all jockeys what they should not be doing in races. Instead he hides like the piece of trash he is and continues to accept awards and we'll wishes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Obviously you are uninformed and non observant. Ramon Dominguez rode as hard to win as any rider whoever put on boots and a helmet. He is also a man with huge character and integrity.
vince More than 1 year ago
Clearly you are oblivious to how crooked racing is. When I owned horses a few years back I sat at a breakfast and listened to Pletcher tell one of his owners the horse would be no good today that they were going to tranquilize him so it would run last and they could wager on him the following time it raced. I am sure I should not have heard that but I was happy to make over 20 grand wager on that particular animal on its next start. Also in reference to dominguez he may be a decent guy that was simply following instructions but it is no coincidence that you would consistently see him get 3/5 blocked in the stretch and he would be always coming up on the outside of horses when he wanted to win . You would have to be clueless and extremely stupid to continue to support this sport if you did not have inside knowledge. Thus is why I no longer own horses I just wager when I am given good info from certain jockeys and trainers
Vince Piscitelli More than 1 year ago
Agree. Many a time I plunged on a nag after being told the juice was in him. Or my jock had a buzzer with new batteries Vonce P.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
i have to agree on RAMON DOMINGUEZ .he would drive me crazy when he clearly did not want to win. he did exactly as you describe get in behind horses pass up every hole that opened until it was too late. i remember one day some one mentioned RAMON would win at least 5 races on the card as he was ridding every favorite in all 9 races and some looked like locks. i immediately thought to myself he probably will stiff all of them ,and that's exactly what happened not one won.
Anthony Mario More than 1 year ago
Stop betting superfectas, Alvarado did what the trainer tells him to do. good horse are not racing for forth place money. Owners want winners and tell the trainers and jockeys that if they can't win save the horse for another day.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
If J Alvorado was ridding in Hong Kong or Japan he would have gotten a year suspension. And not this ridiculous fine . But that's why they have 100 000 people in the stands and in New York you can count the customers at the track with a abacus. Maybe 700 on a good day. As a long time horse racing fan I've never seen it this bad .New York racing is a disgrace the jockeys are in charge and the results are completely unpredictable. The fact that you can't get more than a 1000 fans to go to the track in a city of 12 million people is ridiculous and speaks volumes about how New Yorkers don't trust the racing there. Until the people running aqueduct ,Belmont and yes Saratoga too, get serious and start cracking down on what goes on there it's just going to get worse until it closes.
Heriberto Pabon More than 1 year ago
Gentlemen ive in racing close to 40 years i galloped horses for many trainers and they all trained difetently. Heres the problem you face as a better. If you asked 70 of the top trainers in the US how they would train lets say the horse Triunfo in a 6 furlong race on the day, they woild all train him diferently. Are there 70 correct ways to train that horse for that race? No 100%! So whats going on? Simple! They are all guessing as to how to train horses. Thats why horses are so inconsistant. It appears there is cheating going on but no. There are trainers holding horses for cashing bets but mostly at cheaper tracks with small purses. Dominguez Ramon was an honest jockey with many live mounts so jockies would all get together to block him so they'd have a chance to win so thats why it appeared that he would put himself behind a wall if horses. Not all horses can go to the lead so when he rated some horses the jocks used that to block him. But he was so good he still made leading jockey. If you dont believe that ask any leading jockey if they get blocked or not.
vince More than 1 year ago
Yeah a d desormeaux has never been intoxicated when riding either. I am sure that was an honest mistake as well.
Ray Sousa More than 1 year ago
What you are talking about is something bettors have dealt with for years .you have competent trainers and incompetent ones. That's not new.what is new is that jockeys are now in charge and get away with criminal rides. The worst part is the fines are rediculous when they get fined at all. You mention that jockeys got together to block Ramon Dominguez well that's called collusion and should not be allowed . I believe that in NY some jocks work together to me that's unfortunate and makes betting there extremely hard. For example you have two or more horses that on paper will kill each other on the lead so you handicap for stalkers or closers .what happens too often in New York is the jocks on two of the speed horses will have a strangle hold and fight their horses right out of the gate the other speed then controls the race and sets extremely slow fractions and wins for fun of course that horse gets all the money as they enter the gate (as if the result was a forgone conclusion before the race,like somebody predicted correctly that every other speed would take back). This happens all the time.you simply cannot predict pace on the New York circuit. Some races horses run the first quarter in 25 the next call in 52 and nobody challenges then you see the horses with early speed fighting the jockey in last place .finaly the jockey lets the horse run right into no room on the rail he checks a couple of times and finishes off the board.why a jockey would be wrangling back a horse that's already almost last or last in a race where they are walking out in front simply cannot be explained. As for Ramon Dominguez I saw him loose on 9 consecutive favorites one day and then win 5 races on the card the next day. If he was honest or not I have doubts.